Phil Wickenden

Phil Wickenden: Doing the maths on the future of IHT

The Chancellor has indicated that IHT needs simplifying but what would this mean for tax planning? There are plenty of things in this world that people don’t understand because, hey, the world is a confusing place. But we can always take solace in the fact that there are some really simple concepts and ideas out there that […]

Phil Wickenden: Financial planning is about more than what you know

As legislators and regulators across Europe – Brexit bit between their teeth – are poised for all sorts of eventualities, advisers can at least rest assured change is the constant on which they can depend. But in the midst of seemingly constant flux, it can become easy to bow to what is insisted upon and […]

Phil Wickenden: Prod rules will take advisers in the right direction

Well hello, Product Intervention and Product Governance Sourcebook. Or Prod, rather. The new rules from the FCA mean advisers will need (yet another) form of process in place to make sure the right target markets are identified for the particular products they recommend. And, of course, there is also the requirement for advisers to check […]


Phil Wickenden: Complex IHT regime offers opportunity

Given that we live in such an advanced society, one would hope that certain things would be easier than they are. Think separating two flat pieces of Lego, taking price stickers off things or opening cling film without a fit of wrap rage. The Office of Tax Simplification is doing its bit to help make […]


Phil Wickenden: HMRC seeks more power

HM Revenue & Customs is concerned its power is no longer fit for purpose given the extent to which financial information is now held electronically. HMRC already uses information gathered from banks, peer-to-peer lenders and other financial institutions, then checks it against individuals’ tax returns. Its Connect system draws on information from myriad government and […]


Phil Wickenden: HMRC intent on using new rules to catch tax offenders

A review of clients’ offshore arrangements will be very sensible in light of HM Revenue & Customs’ stated intent to get tough on hidden assets. Since the data leak from Panama in 2016, which exposed a web of secret offshore companies that individuals have used to hide wealth, evade taxes and launder money, fraud involving […]

Phil Wickenden: Advisers should meet both emotional and financial objectives

Sometimes emotions drive client decisions so advisers need solutions that satisfy emotional and financial objectives. As humans, we have very elaborate neural systems to address threats. In particular, the emotional circuitry that kicks in to protect us from perceived threats – the ‘fight-or-flight’ response. But there is a very important distinction between threats in the modern world versus […]

Phil Wickenden: ESG investing is about more than being a good citizen

The past decade has seen environmental and social governance investing develop from a niche corner of the market to a popular asset class. But while there is an increased awareness among individuals as to the impact of their actions on the environment, there is much more to ESG investing than being a good citizen. Asset […]


Phil Wickenden: Why IHT protection should not be overlooked

Hands up who likes looking stupid? No, me neither, though the sub-textual retort of my wife’s eyebrow, raised in my direction (or rather the direction of the Cuban heels on my new boots) screams “you could have fooled me”. She may have a point, but there is a difference in questionable sartorial choices and foolishness […]