Phil Wickenden

Phil Wickenden: Why you need to report on client experience

Did you know that, if we squeezed the space out of all the atoms in our bodies, the entire human race would amount to the size of a sugar cube? What we value does not seem to amount to very much, does it? Indeed, say there are seven billion people in the world, each weighing […]


Phil Wickenden: Turning advice firms’ 2019 business plans into action

At the same time as our economic engines are faltering and our politics are less sure than ever, something else has been happening. The mass market is being replaced by multiple micro markets and seemingly infinite choice. The exchange of information creates ever more value, while commodity products and services are ever cheaper. It takes […]

Phil Wickenden: How are you spending your time?

“Time is what we want most but what we use worst,” said early Quaker and founder of the province of Pennsylvania William Penn circa 1681. Most things do not happen as quickly as we would like, though. They take time. Even the things that seem sudden are more often the manifestation of the small stuff […]


Phil Wickenden: Start with client goals, not risk

There are a few things in life that are better done backwards. Take moonwalking, reminiscence and Arsenal shirt wearing the wrong end of the Seven Sisters Road. To be clear, by “backwards” in that latter point I refer to the advised act of wearing said shirt back-to-front (or inside out), as opposed to the rather […]

Phil Wickenden: Falling back on old habits may prove dangerous

As discussed last week, the regulator, being the regulator, will regulate. That is what it does. It is its job. Ensuring we are compliant is expensive and exhausting but it is not the same as ensuring we have a robust strategy. There is overlap, for sure, but it is not a substitute. While it may […]