Phil Bray


Phil Bray: Three reasons to include directories in your marketing strategy

Love them or loathe them, directories are an important resource for advisers Active versus passive, fixed versus ad valorem fees, independent versus restricted; our profession is plagued by seemingly unresolvable debates. We can add adviser directories to that list. The market is dominated by Unbiased and VouchedFor, while AdviserBook is the young pup snapping at […]


Phil Bray: The secret to spending less on marketing

Too many business owners overlook the problem of client conversion rates Early in our relationship with an adviser, we will ask them to identify firms they admire and those they perceive to be competitors. The answers are almost always identical. When talking about those they admire, the same names trip easily off the tongue. There […]


Phil Bray: Six myths that will hold back your marketing

Almost all advisers and planners have one thing in common: a desire to engage more clients of the right type. Some only want to take on a handful each year; others have more ambitious goals. Whichever applies to you, developing an effective marketing strategy is vital. That said, too often we see efforts hampered by […]

Phil Bray: The seven deadly sins of adviser websites

Your website is your shop window and needs to support your marketing strategy An effective website should support every element of an adviser’s marketing strategy. From helping referrals understand more about your business, to being found on Google by people looking for an adviser, your website is your shop window. Essentially it has three jobs: To […]


Phil Bray: How to improve your adviser blogs

We regularly see headlines pronouncing the death of blogging and promoting video, podcasts or other forms of content as an alternative. The irony, of course, is that those making the predictions are doing so in a blog. Nevertheless, the question remains valid: is blogging dead? I am confident it is not but its effectiveness will […]


Phil Bray: How to become a ‘go-to’ local expert

Top tips on building your reputation in your local area One of the most successful ways to grow your business is to make yourself the “go-to” planner for your niche in your local area. The long-term aim is to achieve such local dominance that, when someone thinks about your niche, they immediately associate your name […]

Phil Bray: Top tips for the perfect first client meeting

Advisers who go the extra mile to impress will be rewarded many times over Marketing types are fond of talking about the “client journey”. That usually means the journey an individual takes from being a suspect, to prospect, to client. Here, however, I want to talk about an entirely different client journey: to and within your […]

Phil Bray: The best free marketing tool out there for advisers

Google Analytics is crucial in measuring marketing efforts, yet nowhere near enough advisers use it To market your business successfully, it is essential you have a deep understanding of your target audience. Only then can you analyse how effective you are at engaging with them. Evidence-based investing is pursued passionately by a growing band of […]