Peter Chadborn


A small step for providers to help grieving families

One of the gripes you often hear from advisers is that the decision-makers in our industry are so far removed from the front line they do not understand what our clients really worry about and what motivates their behaviours, let alone our barriers to writing protection business. Indeed, I have done my fair share of […]


Is selling really such a dirty word?

The old adage that protection is sold and not bought has proven to be quite divisive during a number of recent online and offline discussions. Some people think it harks back to the dark old days of the insurance salesperson – the tied agent flogging expensive policies to a blindly loyal customer base – and […]


Peter Chadborn: BDMs are out of reach

I have just received an email from a fellow adviser asking why we are losing all the good business development managers. It is off the back of a message from a decent BDM saying he is being moved on. Of course, people move on and the more successful the role is fulfilled, the more likely […]