Pete Matthew


Pete Matthew: Empathy is a superpower

I wish it was possible to bottle up empathy. If it could be administered by injection to anyone aspiring to be a financial adviser, many of the industry’s biggest issues would be solved at a stroke. Anyone who thinks financial advice is primarily about money is an idiot. We are paid handsomely to help people […]


Pete Matthew: Why I am planning to have a mindful year

Like many others, I have spent the past few weeks setting my mind to planning and thinking about the year ahead. Already it is clear that the theme for this year is going to be mindfulness. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I am constantly on the back foot, dodging this […]


Pete Matthew: How industry events can be made better

If you have been a member of our glorious profession for any length of time, you have likely been to an industry event. You know what I mean: the full-day seminar at the golf club or the two-day conference at the big convention centre. Whether you are there to network, gain technical knowledge or just […]


Pete Matthew: Advisers and journalists have a place but are not the same

In a recent Money Marketing column Paul Lewis argued that financial journalists and financial advisers are ‘one and the same’. In response, Nic Cicutti argued that advisers are ‘nothing like financial journalists’. As my column was due, I thought I would add my two penn’orth as an adviser of 20 years’ standing. I agree with […]


Pete Matthew: Delegate before you drown

Advisers don’t need to drown in work that someone else will be better suited to doing. Twice last year, once in May and once more in late October, I found myself at the end of my tether. I’d had enough. I wanted to jack it all in, and I certainly didn’t want to be an […]


Pete Matthew: Breaking away from percentage charging

I recently took a client to dinner. He had referred another client to me and I wanted to say thanks. What was meant to be a pleasant social occasion turned into a two-and-a-half hour mentoring session, as the client grilled me on the future of financial planning and how I was preparing for it. This […]


Pete Matthew: Being an adviser is no mean feat

This is a rewrite of this column. I had finished a piece about my capacity issues at Jacksons and the lack of talent available to fill the needs of the business, particularly down here in Cornwall. But it felt a bit whiny, so I have started again. Instead, in thinking about the staffing needs of […]


Pete Matthew: Creating a personal advice brand online

Winning a new client is a real achievement, especially in these cynical times. We forget what a massive step it is for prospects to set foot in our offices. They come with all kinds of fears, such as that they are going to be ripped off or made to feel financially inept. Winning a client […]


How to cut down on suitability reports

I sent out a paper copy of a suitability report to a client yesterday. It was 142 pages long in total. Of this, 121 pages were appendices, which included: Illustrations and key features documents for three protection plans Illustrations, terms and conditions, fund factsheets and KIIDs for two Isas, with two multi-asset funds Risk tolerance […]


Pete Matthew: Old ways of marketing are on the way out

Those who know me know I have a modestly successful website, YouTube channel and podcast called MeaningfulMoney. The site is intended to educate the public about financial planning matters and it seems to be succeeding, given the almost daily emails I receive from visitors. What I never intended was that MeaningfulMoney would become a vital […]