Nic Cicutti

Journalist Nic Cicutti is the former personal finance editor at The Independent and editor of FTyourmoney, the Financial Times website.

He is the founder of Inspired Money, which provides editorial, consultancy and financial coaching services to media organisations, companies and individuals.

Nic is the author of hard-hitting opinion pieces in Money Marketing’s Independent Thinking column.


Nic Cicutti: Industry’s marketing messages are stuck firmly in the past

There is an impression of unconscious bias, with images still reinforcing traditional gender stereotypes What was your first ever experience of the financial services industry? I found myself thinking about this last week, after reading Technology & Technical managing director Kim North’s powerful Money Marketing column on gender inequality. My own memory goes back to […]


Nic Cicutti: Adviser trade bodies are risking irrelevancy

The trade body must spell out the kind of fast, aggressive, targeted regulation the industry needs It seems hard to imagine but this month marks 27 years since I started writing for Money Marketing. I still remember my first front page scoop: the merger of two financial adviser trade bodies into a single entity – […]


Nic Cicutti: Banks should scrap free services

Competition on overdraft charges alone will not do the trick. Banks should charge us for each service Has anyone ever queried how much it actually costs to run a bank account? I asked myself that question a few weeks ago, after receiving an annual letter from my bank detailing how much I had paid that […]


Nic Cicutti: Spectre of DB transfer scandal looms larger than ever before

New FCA findings suggest advisers should prepare for significantly higher FSCS contributions at least Like many adults in the latter half of their lives, my pecuniary affairs are complicated. Not only do I earn a living from multiple employers but my future retirement income is dependent on several sources of funding, which includes three separate […]


Nic Cicutti: Adviser anger at FOS is misplaced

The number of upheld complaints outside the 15-year liability period demanded is tiny and falling Do you ever get that kind of uneasy feeling where you do a piece of work for a client but have a niggle at the back of your mind about something you might have missed? I had that sensation a […]


Nic Cicutti: Why FOS is right to raise compensation limits

In May this year, Money Marketing published a story about the number of complaints made against financial advisers in respect of advice given more than 15 years ago. Figures from the Financial Ombudsman Service showed that in 2017/18 there were 235 complaints, of which just 68, or 28 per cent, were upheld. In 2014/15, it […]