Nic Cicutti

Journalist Nic Cicutti is the former personal finance editor at The Independent and editor of FTyourmoney, the Financial Times website.

He is the founder of Inspired Money, which provides editorial, consultancy and financial coaching services to media organisations, companies and individuals.

Nic is the author of hard-hitting opinion pieces in Money Marketing’s Independent Thinking column.


Nic Cicutti: Enough is enough with FOS arrogance and incompetence

More disappointment ensues from an organisation that supposedly prides itself on transparency and openness How do you deal with responses from regulators and other official bodies to your queries? Do you find yourself becoming livid with anger at their dismissive tone, yet end up letting it go because – let’s face it – their behaviour […]


Nic Cicutti: Auto-enrolled pension guidance is a no-brainer

MPs should ignore their whips and reinstate the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill amendment The Government’s Pension Wise service is a wonderful organisation. Or, at least, it is seen as such by the vast majority of those who use it. Indeed, according to a recent Money Marketing article, 88 per cent of people who used […]


Nic Cicutti: Is ABI the baddie it’s being made out to be?  

In a column a few years ago, I remember describing Ian McKenna as one of the most important people writing in the pages of Money Marketing. Ian is constantly spurring the industry to engage with digital progress, signposting new developments and pointing out their relevance to an occasionally reluctant (if diminishingly so) band of advisers. […]