Neil Woodford

Neil Woodford CBE is a British fund manager, best known as the founder of Woodford Investment Management (in 2014) and the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (in 2015). Woodford was previously employed by Invesco Perpetual.

Woodford has written on a wide variety of topics for Money Marketing, including the state of the UK economy, UK banks, Brexit and Donald Trump, and dividend risk.

Neil Woodford: UK will be 2018’s surprise success story

The volatile start to the year may well have represented a turning point in market conditions. I said at the start of this year that I believed the market consensus had misread the outlook for the UK economy, where fundamentals are improving, not deteriorating. The data so far in 2018 appears to support this. Chancellor […]


Neil Woodford: Closet trackers are finally coming under threat

While travelling around the country recently for the launch of the Income Focus fund, I have regularly been asked whether this is an appropriate time to be launching a new equity-based fund. There is a concern that eight years after the financial crisis and with UK equities not as attractively valued as they were, the […]

Neil Woodford: Rethinking the status quo on jobs and inflation

As a student of economics and agricultural economics at Exeter University in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I was well aware of my chosen subject’s dubious nickname as the “dismal science”. In many respects, the agricultural aspect of my course appealed to me more and I did seriously contemplate a career in farming upon […]


Neil Woodford: Dividend risk is here to stay

From an equity investment perspective, the world looked a risky place as we entered 2016 and these risks have already weighed heavily on financial markets in the first few weeks of the year. January’s extreme weakness persisted until the middle of February, before stocks staged a tentative and lopsided recovery. As has so often been […]

Neil Woodford: Securing UK exposure in a global market

I am sometimes asked whether I feel constrained by having to invest the majority of the portfolios I manage in UK assets. In general, I believe fund managers operate most effectively in an environment where constraints are kept to a minimum but, in this particular instance, I do not mind being compelled to invest predominantly […]