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Wells Street Journal: A new periodic table and the rise of the snollygoster

A weekly account of the curious goings-on in the world of financial services Introducing: the periodic table of investmentsIf there is one thing from school science lessons that many a student has taken away, it is a fairly good memory of the elements song. While no one at Money Marketing can pretend they were anything […]


The Wells Street Journal: Bad hashtag syndrome and photoshoot washouts

A weekly account of the curious goings-on in the world of financial services Bad hashtag syndrome When choosing a hashtag to run alongside an event, WSJ always recommends double-checking any past uses you would not want your content connected to.  If you decide to go with a hashtag already in existence, WSJ will always snoop […]

Five minutes with…David Roberts

Ahead of speaking at Money Marketing Interactive in Harrogate on 13 September, Harbour director David Roberts shares his thoughts on how advisers can improve their public image and says who his advice market heroes are What can be done to improve the supply of advice? I’m not convinced the supply of advice is the issue. […]

Five minutes with…Kay Ingram

Ahead of speaking at Money Marketing Interactive in May, LEBC public policy director Kay Ingram talks about the importance of putting the client at the centre of the advice process and why she doesn’t agree with the FCA on some of its DB transfer policies Have advisers reached a point of true professionalism yet? In the 38 […]

Money Marketing Interactive: Agenda for 2017?

Money Marketing Interactive is back for 2017 and we want you to help shape the agenda. Our flagship conference launched in May and saw over 300 advisers come together and hear from high profile speakers including the FCA and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Next year the event will be even bigger, with MMI London […]