Michelle Hoskin

Michelle Hoskin: How happy is your business?

The happiest firms are the most successful. Follow these four tips to get yours there Great business? Check. Nice office? Check. Money in the bank? Check. Great clients? Great team? No major dramas (if you exclude trying to get professional indemnity cover)? Check, check, check. What on earth could go wrong? Well, actually, quite a […]

Michelle Hoskin: Have you got what it takes to be a leader?

Some of the smartest financial planners struggle to make it as business owners and leaders of teams Running a business in financial services is no walk in the park. There is no amount of technical qualifications that will help you with this one. It does not matter how technically smart you are, it is not […]

Michelle Hoskin: Fixing your firm’s identity crisis

Is your firm suffering from an identity crisis? Dare I say it, is it all fur coat and no knickers? All sparkle on the outside, doing everything you can to wow clients, but inside the engine is falling apart and your team is working to levels of exhaustion? It is more common than you think. […]

Michelle Hoskin: Focus on quality over qualifications

We must keep focus on quality over qualifications and on excitement over exhaustion Quality is the profession’s Holy Grail, so why is it only now taking centre stage? I have been banging the drum for professionalism and quality standards since the moment I became a financial services coach and consultant over 20 years ago. But […]

Michelle Hoskin: Time to take back control of our profession

Does your business have what it takes to ride the global wave of change? Has the world finally gone nuts? Has financial services finally reached the point where we cannot take any more? In the 20 years since I first came into this magical business, so much has changed. The pressures are demanding. Challenges keep […]