Mel Kenny

Mel Kenny: Battle to end mental health stigma far from over

I am no longer the baby-faced financial adviser I used to be and, with hair losing colour, last year I decided to keep in with the youth at work by accepting their invitation to join their fantasy football league. I nearly won it last season after a slow start. This season, I currently sit top of […]


Mel Kenny: Prepare for Brexit chaos

Until recently, we have been through an unusually benign environment in terms of giving financial advice. Lots of politics, of course, but markets have generally drifted up and Budgets have passed by with chancellors leaving financial planning relatively unscathed. Major decisions around future policy have simply been deferred, as the legislative space in the parliamentary […]

Mel Kenny: A new dawn for the long-term care market

It was with little surprise we saw another Green Paper looking at reform of care and support for older people, due in summer, merely kicked down the road into the autumn. Then the incumbent health and social care secretary was replaced shortly afterwards. With all votes beginning to count as the disengaged becoming louder in […]


Mel Kenny: Pro bono and volunteering benefits us all

I recently did some volunteering with the Personal Finance Society in helping facilitate its Discover Fortunes game at a school. For those of you who do not know much about it, it is a two-hour session that encourages sixth form students to think about a career in personal finance and listen to a financial adviser […]

Facing up to Solla’s version of Alan Sugar

My five years are up. Up until now I have been submitting relevant CPD every year but now I am having to completely reapply for my Later Life Adviser Accreditation with the Society of Later Life Advisers. That means getting a lot of ducks in a row for the submission and this week is the […]

Mel Kenny: Advisers need to bring pension figures to life

I saw a tweet from a millennial the other week that said: “Do you know what’s boring? Emails from your pension scheme.” It is certainly not easy to bring pension communications to life when there is so much regulation that governs how figures are presented. What do lines of complex and sometimes depressing numbers mean to […]


Mel Kenny: Advisers are worth their weight in gold

Back in the day, the things you could do for a client could be described on the back of a fag packet: life cover, a savings plan and a mortgage for a life of 2.4 children in a strong family set-up. All other money was used to buy stuff like there was no tomorrow and […]

Mel Kenny: Robo-advisers will fail the client service test

Now that technological advances have plateaued, all I want this Christmas is excellent service. I do not need to feel loved by my provider of services but I do need to feel valued. It is that simple. Sitting on hold at length while being told my call is important simply will not do. These automated […]

Why advisers should sell their specialist knowledge

I recently asked one of my clients what they found most valuable about the work we had done for them. Some would call it a subtle way of blowing one’s own trumpet. Others would say you are missing out on a learning opportunity if you do not ask for feedback. Of course, it is also […]