Martin Tilley

Martin Tilley: Get the right pension scheme protector

A recent court case highlights the importance of a deep understanding of pension legislation and company law As a small self-administered pension schemes practitioner of nearly 40 years, we have always maintained the need to keep a tight ship. When dealing with legislation surrounding tax-exempt funds there should be no shortcuts, as errors and omissions […]

Missed Budget opportunities leave advisers in the lurch

The world of financial services, and the pensions industry in particular, stood in anticipation of the outcome of the Spring Budget. Was Chancellor Philip Hammond going to make a name for himself with a bold and forward thinking plan?  Or was he going to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor and continue with the […]


Martin Tilley: Fielding client questions on the annual allowance

The threat of reductions to the current tax- relieved pension savings allowance and the fast approaching end of tax year mean many people’s thoughts will be turning to last-minute contributions. In relation to this, a common question from clients is: “What is my annual allowance?”. My reply is: “How long have you got?” As we […]

Martin Tilley: Why 2017 could be the year of the SSAS

As advisers and providers focus on their growth strategies for the year ahead, thoughts turn to what was successful over the last 12 months. One area of growth was new SSASs. But we may be seeing changes on the horizon. 2016 is likely to be remembered as the year the regulator got tough on scammers. […]


Martin Tilley: Time to tighten the rules on SSASs

Earlier this month, we were contacted by someone enquiring about our SSAS trustee and administration services. The individual in question explained he was receiving a pension from his previous employer’s scheme but also had an undrawn Sipp invested in regulated assets to the value of around £200,000. He did not need the funds for retirement […]

Martin Tilley: Sipp consolidation is not over yet

The new capital adequacy requirements for Sipp operators finally became effective from the beginning of this month. When the FCA’s thematic review and capital adequacy regime was first announced, many commentators predicted a run of consolidation in the Sipp operator marketplace. Since then, a number of firms of all sizes have indeed changed hands. It […]

Martin Tilley: Passing the buck on Sipp cap ad charges

We have seen an increasing number of adviser enquiries that appear to have been triggered by the introduction of the FCA’s capital adequacy regime, which came into forcelast week. A number of these calls are due to advisers looking for new Sipp providers to partner with. Advisers are assessing the propositions available, and the fees […]