Martin Tilley


Martin Tilley: Alarm bells are sounding for Sipp industry

Its Dear CEO letter to providers shows the regulator expects future fallout within the industry In comparison to the timescale of the pending judgment in Adams vs Carey Pensions, the Court of Appeal judgment in Berkeley Burke vs Financial Ombudsman Service went through at breakneck speed. Although on face value the two cases cover similar […]


Martin Tilley: HMRC further tightens the screw on SSASs

The HM Revenue & Customs newsletter released at the end of last month reminded us there is no time limit on how long it can take to decide whether or not to register a pension scheme. Indeed, it is taking more than three months from first application for a SSAS to formal registration, indicative of […]

Martin Tilley: Keeping on top of Sipp proposition dilution

Knowing what assets each operator will accept and with what conditions is becoming increasingly difficult The recent well-publicised events concerning Sipp operator asset acceptance have focused the mind of a number of advisers. We have been fielding enquiries about our own Sipp and the asset classes we as a Sipp operator would consider. But this […]

Martin Tilley: The carry forward conundrum

There are numerous trip hazards with carry forward but more clients will want to be looking at it Many believe the annual allowance will be fair game for the chancellor soon, as one of the least painful and least complex reductions in cost to the Treasury. As such, the need to contribute while clients can and […]

Martin Tilley: Get the right pension scheme protector

A recent court case highlights the importance of a deep understanding of pension legislation and company law As a small self-administered pension schemes practitioner of nearly 40 years, we have always maintained the need to keep a tight ship. When dealing with legislation surrounding tax-exempt funds there should be no shortcuts, as errors and omissions […]