Martin Bamford

Martin Bamford is managing director of Informed Choice, where he is responsible for investment management research. He is also founder of Bamford Media.

He has written extensively for Money Marketing on topics relating to financial advisers and regulation.


Martin Bamford: Advisers can’t keep outsiders on the outside

I often ponder to what extent we overcomplicate things as financial planners. A few years ago, I was pulled up sharply by a prospective client, midway through a pitch for our estate planning service. “But I don’t have an estate,” they interjected. That service was swiftly renamed “inheritance tax planning”, with the desire to do […]


Martin Bamford: Why a client’s age can be just a number

Around this time last year, I delivered a presentation to a group of clients on longevity. Drawing on one of my favourite tales of old age, I talked about the incredible Jeanne Calment, holder of the longest confirmed human lifespan on record. At 122 years, 164 days old, Madame Calment had an exceptional life story, […]


Martin Bamford: Building bright young things as planners

Coming up in the financial services industry as a young whippersnapper, my career route was fairly typical at the time. After somehow finding my way to university (my attendance record at sixth form college suggested a very different outcome), I landed on a graduate trainee scheme with a life assurance company. Six months in a regional […]

Martin Bamford: Advisers agree on more than we admit

Harmony is a funny old thing. I have no doubt our profession is in agreement about more than we are in disagreement. A quick scroll through the Twitter feed of an adviser, or the comments section of any opinion piece written for Money Marketing, and you might beg to differ. But there does seem to […]

Martin Bamford

Bamford: The FCA’s new logo is value for money

Towards the end of 2014, we faced a dilemma. A huge amount had changed in financial services since the business was formed in the mid-90s. During that time, we had changed a great deal too, evolving as any organisation must in order to survive. One big question we needed to answer was whether our brand […]


Martin Bamford: Why does everyone love to hate SJP?

The rise of populism as a political trend has resulted in some interesting new words added to our already-rich lexicon. Last year saw “Brexit” named word of the year by Collins Dictionary, after its use rose by 3,400 per cent. Usually fruitless online debates about politics also resulted in the implied insult “snowflake generation”. This […]