Mark Dampier

Mark Dampier: Ignore UK equity funds at your peril

Politics has caused many investors to fall out of love with the UK stockmarket but it has plenty more to give I wonder how many of you, like me, hope future referendums will be banned. Scotland’s vote on independence set family against family but that pales in significance to the UK’s decision to remain in […]

Mark Dampier: Will cash beat bonds as a defensive call?

June is typically a tough month for stock markets. 2017 has been no exception and the UK in particular has experienced a harder time over the past few weeks. To be fair, it has had a lot to contend with given the general election result. A left-wing socialist party is standing in the wings, ready […]


Mark Dampier: Taylor made for Asia growth

Asia has always been an exciting area in which to invest. Nominal GDP growth of 9.3 per cent per annum over the past 20 years, compared with 4.2 per cent in the US, promises fast-paced innovation. Despite this period of spectacular growth, the region has plenty left in the tank, according to Martin Currie Asia […]

Mark Dampier: Tough calls ahead on UK equities

Regular readers of this column will know I have been optimistic in my outlook for stock markets for some time, particularly in the UK. However, the Investment Association UK All Companies sector saw outflows last year, and pessimism is rife. Indeed, I heard an IFA declare the UK as un-investable just a few months ago. […]


Mark Dampier: Investors face an election paradox

Brenda from Bristol became an overnight sensation when her reaction to Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap election – “Election? Another election!?” – was aired on the BBC. Her remark is replayed every morning on Radio 4 and I suspect her sentiments echo those of many. I certainly have some sympathy. We have faced weeks of […]

Mark Dampier: Why boring investing can be good investing

Wealth preservation has been at the top of the list of priorities at Troy Asset Management since it was established in 2000. Founded by the late Lord Weinstock and named after his Derby-winning racehorse, the family still owns 37 per cent of the business, which has gone from strength to strength. Limiting losses in a […]

Mark Dampier: How investors have created their own bear market

Just as a picture tells a thousand words, a single statistic portrays the current mood among investors: the IA Targeted Absolute Return sector saw more inflows than any other sector in 2016, as money poured from equity funds in 10 of the 12 months. But as the average monthly return of absolute return funds was […]

Mark Dampier: A fund for the nervous and pessimistic

This year began exactly where 2016 left off, with extreme nervousness. Donald Trump’s election to The White House sent investors into a spin and, despite a rally in the US stockmarket, political and economic commentators remain pessimistic. A glance at Twitter highlights the scale of disaster the liberal elite warn lurks around every corner. These […]


Mark Dampier: I don’t agree with the prophets of doom

No one can be sure what lies ahead, yet the beginning of the year is always littered with forecasts. I find these predictions often provide clues as to what not to expect. If a trend appears in the papers I habitually make an effort to take the opposite view. The early days of 2017 look […]

Mark Dampier: Why value investing is making a comeback

Donald Trump’s victory at the US elections prompted suggestions of Armageddon for financial markets: the usual hot air that accompanies an unexpected event. The Japanese stockmarket was one of the first affected. At its close it had fallen 5 per cent as it became evident Hillary Clinton had lost the race. Investors with unhedged currency […]