Mark Barnett

Mark Barnett: The sectors bouncing back from a Brexit beating

After a year of extremes and the unexpected, the road ahead for UK equity markets looks uncertain. While forecasts of systemic financial disruption as a result of the EU referendum have proven largely unfounded, the decline in sterling and UK government bond yields following the vote triggered significant rotation across sectors. Companies perceived to have […]

Time to reassess UK equity valuations

The near-term outlook for the UK equity market is likely to continue to be dictated by the movement of global bond prices and the sterling/US dollar exchange rate. These asset markets have exerted a major influence over the course of this year. Indeed, the strong performance of the bond market (which, unusually, has been accompanied […]


Mark Barnett: The UK stocks promising a post-Brexit bounce

The UK equity market has staged a remarkable recovery from its post-Brexit shocks. In aggregate, equity prices have risen strongly since the referendum, buoyed by the flight to perceived safety in defensive and international stocks, and by weakened sterling. Economic data released through the summer months has captivated a market looking for recessionary signals but, […]

Mark Barnett: Tobacco sector will face up to its challenges

Following the initial reaction to the outcome of the EU referendum, the UK stockmarket will remain influenced by a muted macro backdrop globally and an increased pressure on profitability in the corporate sector. The global economy faces an ongoing lack of pricing power, which has restrained the level of turnover growth in many industries. Against […]

Mark Barnett: Why I still back pharma

Two years ago, I outlined in this column why I was backing the pharmaceutical sector. Back then I saw the sector set to benefit from attractive demographics (an ageing population in the West, along with increasing wealth in emerging markets) and the technology changes arising from the mapping of the human genome in the late-1990s. […]

Mark Barnett: Rise in UK dividend payout ratio is unsustainable

One question I am being asked a lot at the moment is how the stock market volatility and global events of the past six months have affected my investment strategy. When equity prices move significantly I will always reappraise the positioning of my portfolios but this tends to be more on a rolling 12- to […]


Mark Barnett: Flying the flag for the London Stock Exchange

Fashions for different investment sectors will come and go but the London Stock Exchange has stood the test of time, having been in existence for some 300 years. This is testament to the UK’s pioneering spirit, its capacity for innovation and invention, and its academic tradition of nurturing intellectual capital. While it is true some […]