Malcolm McLean


Malcolm McLean: 10 state pension mistakes clients make

Despite the arrival of a new state pension, we still have the old one running alongside it, and the added complexity this brings For many people, the state pension is the bedrock on which private pension provision is based. How to qualify, how much it will be and at what age you can expect to […]

Malcolm McLean: Does new guidance body name hit the spot?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The question for which there is no one right answer. In most situations, of course, it is usually more clear-cut. In the case of acronyms, logic would suggest that, as they are supposed to be derived from the title of the organisation, product or whatever they represent, […]


Malcolm McLean: Simpler pension tax relief is only fair

Pension tax allowances have created a complicated system that is not working in the interests of consumers Being able to get tax relief on contributions to a pension scheme is probably something that we tend to take for granted and don’t value enough. The relief provides an incentive to join a pension scheme in preference […]

Malcolm McLean: How to make pensions system fairer for women

Male and female state pension ages have finally equalised but the same cannot be said for the retirement incomes they receive Although the age at which men and women can claim the state pension has now equalised, the same cannot be said about the overall levels of pension income the different genders receive. Historically, women […]

Malcolm McLean: Complex rules need simple explanations

“Pensions are not rocket science. They are basically very simple. For most people, they are nothing more than a means of putting money aside during their working years to give them an income in retirement.” Is this statement fundamentally true? Well, yes, in theory at least. Obviously, pensions are not rocket science. It is just […]


Malcolm McLean: Beware the gathering Sipp storm

The news that Sipp provider GPC Sipp is facing around 150 legal claims for compensation in relation to losses incurred from unregulated investments in the Harlequin property fund will be ringing alarm bells in many offices. The case is expected to enter the courts early next year and follows a number of other yet-to-be-concluded court […]

Malcolm McLean: Does CDC have a future in the UK?

The recent enquiry by the work and pensions select committee has reignited the debate about the future of collective defined contribution schemes. Whether these sort of schemes can be incorporated into the current UK pensions landscape is a moot point. Let’s consider some of the arguments for and against CDC. First of all, it is […]