Karen Ward

Investment Insight: Can we predict today’s economic cycles?

Economic relationships change, meaning that predictions can often prove wrong Much of Europe has enjoyed an unusually warm summer. But as the nights draw in and leaves turn brown, winter is somewhere around the corner. Like summers, economic expansions do not last forever. As the US expansion approaches its 10th birthday, investors may wonder how […]

UK outlook is not all doom and gloom

Brexit is providing one source of geopolitical risk on which investors can be more optimistic  The synchronised recovery, which proved so fertile for markets last year, is ongoing, with growth in the major economies – the US, eurozone, Japan and China – still above trend. This is translating into robust corporate earnings. First quarter earnings […]

Karen Ward: Has the outlook for equities changed?

The US stock market hit its latest record in January but fears remain as low interest rates persist In the early weeks of this year, markets climbed a mountain of optimism, fuelled by a faith in synchronised global growth and ongoing loose global monetary conditions. Three weeks into 2018, the S&P 500 had raced up […]