John Lawson

John Lawson: The downfall with default pathways

The FCA’s proposals aim to limit damage from poor choices rather than provide the best solution. This is where advisers come in In the latest instalment of the Retirement Outcomes Review (CP19/5), published at the end of January, the FCA put forward some sensible remedies. The headline measure of default investment pathways will provide non-advised […]


Aviva’s John Lawson: What we need to see from CDCs

The consultation on collective defined contribution schemes has recently closed, and the government must now decide whether to table enabling legislation to make such pension plans a reality. As a reminder, CDC schemes (or at least the one that Royal Mail has in mind) have fixed contributions, a target benefit, and pool investment and mortality […]

John Lawson: The major pension themes for 2019

Brexit will no doubt consume the government next year, but do not presume that means pensions will be left untouched When I think of how the pensions landscape has changed so dramatically over the past decade, 2018 was a relatively quiet year, thanks to large sections of the government having their hands full with Brexit. […]


John Lawson: We cannot keep failing on financial literacy

I recently had a very enjoyable night out with a group of advisers. We could not help talking shop and shared some horror stories of poor financial decisions we had heard people making. These included taking the tax-free lump sum out of a pension to put into a bank account, taking money out to repay […]


John Lawson: Govt cannot wash its hands of pensions dashboard

Another pensions dashboard deadline has come and gone, despite the original intention to launch in 2019. The feasibility study, first expected in spring and then delayed until summer recess, has still not been published. This begs the question: will the dashboard ever become reality? Rumour abounds that secretary of state for work and pensions Esther […]


John Lawson: DC or CDC? That is the question

Collective defined contribution schemes are back on the table. And this time, it looks like for real. At last, there is demand, albeit from just one employer, Royal Mail. The work and pensions select committee is running an inquiry and the government also appears to be taking it seriously. Unfortunately, a lot of the old […]

John Lawson: Beware the search engine scammers

It is good people are researching their retirement options but search engines expose them to risks Search engines have a lot to answer for. We no longer need to think for ourselves, with the solution to everything at our fingertips. One of the major problems with the internet is that people can become an “expert” […]

John Lawson: 2017 vs 2018: Two contrasting years for pensions

Advisers should be prepared for a busy year ahead Anyone who works in pensions is likely to look back on 2017 as one of the quieter years for legislative and regulatory change. That is not to say we have all had a chance for a breather, of course. No matter what area of pensions you […]