John Chatfeild-Roberts

Jupiter: Markets are steady, but something doesn’t fit

Global economic data appears inconsistent Equity markets beckoned the new year in a robustly positive frame of mind, determined to put the blues of a dismal ending to 2018 behind them, and that infectious spirit of optimism has persisted. The extent to which major global equity indices have recovered a substantial portion of their losses […]

John Chatfeild-Roberts: EU faces significant political choices

Italy could end up being a bigger problem for the union than Greece If investors didn’t experience enough of a frisson of danger from emerging markets, when the economies of Venezuela, Argentina and Turkey all suffered extreme strain, now Italy is setting everyone on edge in its own inimitable style. Italy’s coalition government, comprising those […]

John Chatfeild-Roberts: Trade wars – reality or bargaining chip?

President Trump’s trade tariffs have got the world’s attention but are there more games to come? The predominant consideration for most investors is the current economic climate and its longer-term prospects. Because those things change relatively slowly, however, they tend to be in the background. That said, they sometimes move squarely into investors’ headlights and […]

Jupiter: Mifid II cost criticism lacks weight

Head of strategy for the Jupiter Independent Funds Team John Chatfeild-Roberts looks at how Mifid II has hit multi-manager funds following Money Marketing’s reporting on the true costs of the funds. Mifid II provides investors with greater clarity of charges. However, appreciating the difference between value and price is fundamental; of course price is important but […]


John Chatfeild-Roberts: No making sense of Bitcoin mania

Logic has no place in such a market and nor do serious investors What does it mean for an asset, such as a currency, to have intrinsic value? From prehistory onwards, economies and trade were built on things that had undeniable utility: trading furs for iron, for example. The invention of currency changed those dynamics, […]


John Chatfeild-Roberts: Balancing investment risk as the Brexit clock ticks

Investors should capture performance in the good times, but also manage risks in our challenging global economic and political environment When a letter signed by Prime Minister Theresa May was delivered to President of the European Council Donald Tusk at the end of March, it formally triggered the now-famous Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and started the […]