Jason Butler

Jason Butler: Engaging the heirs of your most valuable clients

I recently gave a money-related talk in India. The audience comprised 80 young Indians, aged 22 to 30, attending a two-day event at a five-star beach resort, which had been organised by the firm that manages their parents’ wealth. Speakers included experts in a range of subjects, from philanthropy and business innovation, to personal development, […]

Jason Butler: The real reasons people take professional advice

Since I ceased operation as a practising financial planner almost three years ago, I have spent a lot of time researching the type of help and advice people need with their finances. While online tools can help, there are many situations when a person needs an individual and tailored approach from a human adviser. But […]

Jason Butler: Show and tell your worth

In early 2002, I wrote a 15-page guide called “How to be your own financial adviser”. My aim was to help anyone who read it make better financial decisions. As well as making the guide available through my firm’s website and to existing clients, I posted hard copies to personal finance journalists on the major […]

Jason Butler: The essential skill many advisers overlook

There is no doubt UK regulated advisers have become much more professional and capable. Salaries for qualified advice professionals range from £30,000 to £120,000, depending on location, experience and level of responsibility. Despite the widely-held belief young people are not joining the sector, my experience is that there are plenty pursuing a career in advice. Next Gen […]