Ian McKenna

Ian McKenna

Ian McKenna: The future of adviser technology

From emotion recognition systems to AI compliance functions, the T3 conference points the way forward Adviser technology that appears in the US is often a sign of things to come here and gives a chance to learn from early adopters. One of the most valuable conferences I visit around the world is Technology Tools for […]


Adviser gadget of the week: MeetEdgar

While the new rules prohibiting cold-calling about pensions are an important move to protect consumers, they will make it more difficult for legitimate, authorised advisers to attract new clients. This makes maintaining a good social media presence even more valuable. MeetEdgar is described as being “like hiring a content manager for a fraction of the […]

Adviser gadget of the week: How firms are using Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo devices were the most popular item bought on the recent Amazon Prime Day, so presumably lots of clients are now working on how to get the best out of them. AJ Bell and Aviva have both put together examples of how the Alexa technology can be embraced by our industry. Aviva’s Alexa Skill […]

Ian McKenna: The era of AI in advice is upon us

This week I am in New York to see the latest innovations in wealth technology  and to hear from several industry leaders transforming the way Americans access advice. Now in its third year, the In|Vest conference provides a heady mix of powerful tech demonstrations and exceptional thought leadership. The big message on day one was […]


Adviser gadget of the week: Getting your Apple iOS right

The latest update (version 10.3) to Apple’s mobile iOS operating system brings with it some useful features it is worth knowing how to activate. To me, the most valuable is to replace the existing four- or six-digit passcode with an alphanumeric one for additional security. You just cannot be too careful about security; we all […]


Adviser gadget of the week: Allocacoc

One of the eternal challenges of mobile working is having enough power to keep your devices charged all day. If you have multiple meetings and a ton of apps going in the background it is all too easy to find your batteries bereft of juice at the end of the day. Allocacoc has created a […]

Ian McKenna: How will platforms deal with the pension dashboard?

The platform community is fast realising the introduction of pension dashboards by 2019 will have a significant effect on them, both in terms of the services they provide and what they can charge for it. When considering these issues, it is essential to recognise a number of points. First, pension dashboards are only accelerating changes […]


Ian McKenna: Time to ditch the term robo-advice

The recent report from SCM Direct “Fintech Folly – The Sense and Sensibility of UK Robo Advice” makes interesting reading for many reasons. It puts forward valid arguments for closer regulatory scrutiny of the commercial models of start-up businesses, as well as the need for greater clarity around what is broadly called robo-advice. This is […]