Iain Anderson

Iain Anderson: Johnson vs Hunt on personal finance policy

By the end of this month, either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt will take up residence behind the world’s most famous black door. The race to succeed Theresa May gets more interesting by the day. And if it were supposed to be a virtual coronation for Boris, then someone should have told Jeremy Hunt, who […]

Iain Anderson: The secret to successful pensions policymaking

Pensions minister Guy Opperman has been meticulously planning for the introduction of a Pensions Bill in this year’s Queen’s Speech. He has consulted extensively, laying out plans for collective defined contribution schemes, defined benefit reform and consolidation, as well as the pensions dashboard. At a time of little domestic policymaking, the pensions industry appears to […]


Iain Anderson: Another political revolution in the making

He has done it. Nigel Farage has already called it the second “political revolution” of the year and Donald Trump himself said it would be Brexit “plus, plus, plus”. Whatever the words you choose, Trump’s election will certainly shake up world politics. The comparison with the Brexit vote is not entirely unreasonable. Yesterday the RealClearPolitics […]