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Case study: Gifting rules under lasting power of attorney

Paul has been appointed as the attorney for his father Jack. The lasting power of attorney was created several years ago but it has never been used. Jack can no longer make decisions for himself and therefore it is now up to Paul to make these decisions on his behalf. Paul’s younger brother Wayne is […]

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Case study: Investing a legacy for a minor

Investing a legacy on behalf of a child can be problematic because minors are too young to legally contract. Helen O’Hagan discusses the options. Neil’s daughter, Erin, who is four years old, has been left a legacy of £30,000 from granny Margaret who recently passed away. Erin has her own bank account where Neil puts […]

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How to leave a legacy for vulnerable adults

Tom has three adult children, one of whom, Mary, has learning difficulties. He has approached his adviser because he is concerned about making gifts to her in his lifetime and how he should leave her a legacy on his death. He wants to make sure she is suitably provided for. The solution The adviser informs […]