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Jamie Clark: The Pensions Act measures worth knowing about

The Pensions Act 2014 received Royal Assent on 14May. The final regulations have not been published yet, but there are some measures in the Act worth knowing about. For qualifying pension schemes, the Act sets out the framework to allow Government to cap charges, and to ban active member discounts and commissions. These changes are […]


Adam Samuel: Advisers do not benefit from their day in court

We frequently read of some IFA or another complaining that their human rights have been infringed and that an application for judicial review should immediately be launched. Every granting of permission to appeal or challenge a regulatory decision is greeted with exaltation, however, the court room is not the friend of the financial services industry. […]

Chris Gilchrist: ‘Smart beta’ is a misnomer

The Credit Suisse Global Annual Investment Returns Yearbook and other studies have shown that over the best part of 100 years, simple “value filters”, such “buy high-yield stocks and avoid high P/E stocks”, have beaten the market consistently and by a large margin. None of the attempts to explain away this or the “smallcap effect” are […]


Compliance Tip of the Week: Dealing with complaints

It is perfectly normal to feel upset, angry and defensive when a client accuses you of incompetence and even worse. A natural response is to cover up the feelings of hurt and conceal the problem from your colleagues, your PI insurers and your regulators. Nothing could be more dangerous. Firms do not need the regulator […]

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Platform Focus: Club-like Nucleus is real player

Nucleus was launched in 2006 as an ‘independent wrap platform’ for IFAs. Led by vivacious chief executive David Ferguson, Nucleus prides itself on being a different creature to the more traditional life company platforms. AUA reached £6.78bn as at 31 March  and the £7bn hurdle has now been passed. The platform likes to tell us that […]


The Technical Quiz: 5 June

To help you to keep up with the fundamentals of tax, retirement and financial planning, try answering these questions