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Gregg McClymont: New mums must be saved from gender pensions gap

Without a coherent approach to policy, serious issues will continue There is an increasing focus on gender equality, and pensions policy is no different. While we have long known that, on average, women’s pension pots are smaller than those belonging to men, the sheer size of the gap is now making headlines. According to the […]

Gregg McClymont: Six clear lessons for pensions dashboard success

Is open banking the right model for the dashboard? The lessons lie more in its struggles than its eventual achievements With the government’s pensions dashboard feasibility study finally in the public domain, attention is now turning to usable delivery models. Much ink has been spilled in drawing parallels between the pensions dashboard and open banking […]


Gregg McClymont: Client engagement is steepest mountain to climb

The pensions industry never stops talking about the need to increase engagement. There is nothing like seeking to scale the steepest mountain. The majority of the almost 10 million people auto-enrolled since 2012 are in the fund chosen for them by their employer. A few will have actively chosen this default fund but most will […]


Gregg McClymont: Give dashboard responsibility to the new guidance body

The government has stepped back from the pensions dashboard but the new single financial guidance body is the ideal candidate to take the baton. In a previous article, I questioned whether a pensions dashboard was likely to drive the high levels of individual engagement envisaged by its most ardent of supporters. The dashboard itself, which […]


Gregg McClymont: What Australia’s pension scandals can teach us

Australia’s defined contribution pension arrangement (known to Aussies as “super”) is the largest in the world, with assets of A$2.6trn – 144 per cent of GDP. Not bad for a system built from scratch in the early 1990s via mandatory employer contributions. Those involved in delivering auto-enrolment here in the UK always saw super as […]


Gregg McClymont: The pension dashboard’s fatal flaw

Is industry right to think dashboard will boost engagement when inertia has proved such a dominant behaviour? The pensions dashboard concept has captured the imagination of the government and industry, and the attraction is obvious. Digitalise all existing records so individuals can see their aggregated pension entitlements in once place at the click of a […]


Gregg McClymont: Expect big change on pensions

Crystal ball gazing is not recommended. Best left to astrologists and their followers. But a reader asked me a question recently which caught me short: what happens from a regulatory perspective when hundreds of thousands of people with little or no investment experience start retiring each year on defined contribution-only pensions and move into drawdown? […]


Gregg McClymont: Many of freedoms’ true challenges yet to surface

I sat open-mouthed in the House of Commons four years ago as George Osborne announced the end of a national retirement system based on annuities. Three years on from the law change, several trends are clear. First, overall we remain in what I call ‘Income Drawdown’s Phoney War’: as long as the vast majority of retirees […]

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Gregg McClymont: Why I need a financial adviser

Combining risk frameworks with appropriate asset allocation is no mean feat Economists call them “teachable moments”. A life event which make us think more about long-term financial planning. Until my 40th birthday, I barely thought of my mortality. But since then I have barely thought of anything else. A major birthday milestone combined with the arrival […]