Graham Bentley

Graham Bentley: Why risk conversations need to be overhauled

Advisers must be unbiased and present all scenarios, allowing clients to potentially reassess their goals The relatively innocuous term “capacity for loss” has recently caused some bluster on Twitter. Adviser Nick Lincoln wrote an article describing the term “intellectually bankrupt” and the effervescent Abraham Okusanya pitched in with: “The idea we should contemplate and plan […]


Graham Bentley: FCA’s work on the advice gap cannot come soon enough

It is time to address the needs of the many, rather than the wealthier few As the FCA’s reviews of the RDR and Financial Advice Market Review arrive, the accompanying music opens with a choir of latter-day saints decrying contingent charging and highlighting the elevation of wealth management to a profession, rather than the tawdry […]

Graham Bentley: The unlikely key factor in picking a discretionary fund manager

Establishing the approach to qualitative versus quantitative analysis should top the due diligence list As more advisers outsource investment decisions to discretionary fund managers, the more the regulator will scrutinise the selection process. I would not be surprised if DFMs were selected on a lazy combination of brand, price and performance, yet any being offered […]


Graham Bentley: Time to turn actively-managed fund pricing on its head

Why is fund manager pay still aligned to assets gathered, rather than results-generated revenue? Last month, I suggested the financial services industry’s pursuit of wealth was focused on servicing those already well-heeled, rather than satisfying the needs of people aspiring to improve their lot. Clients who already have yachts, so to speak. To be clear, […]


Graham Bentley: Factionalism is rearing its head in the advice industry

Those who sell their version of the truth, and deride all else in the process, are no less than fanatics The activity of financial advice is the process of maximising the purchasing power of an individual, family or enterprise. Its key features include organising the accumulation and protection of capital, organising clients’ affairs to legitimately […]


Graham Bentley: Why it’s worth revisiting structured products

Structured products could provide an alternative to targeted absolute return funds if advisers are prepared to look beyond their recent past. Last month I opined on targeted absolute return funds, suggesting that more than half the products struggled to beat their bare minimum objectives, let alone their benchmarks, more than half the time. Our research […]