Gordon Andrews

Helping clients manage the 10-year charge on trusts

As some clients appoint friends or family as trustees, there is a risk they will forget to review the trust when they need to Those who recommend trusts to clients have a fantastic opportunity to provide more valuable advice at the 10-year anniversary. Interest in possession trusts (created on 22 March 2006 or later) and […]

Gordon Andrews: Planning points for new parents

Advice can help new parents avoid any unnecessary financial consequences of taking time off to have a baby New parents have an awful lot to think about, with their financial planning often languishing at the bottom of the list. Advisers can add value by highlighting a few significant areas. First and foremost, new parents must […]


The new order of taxation post-Osborne

With interest rates at such low levels it has never been more important to understand how to boost clients’ income. One of the easiest ways is to make sure you are taking advantage of the tax allowances available. In April last year, then-chancellor George Osborne introduced significant changes to the tax regime, including the nil-rate […]

The small print on new IHT rules and downsizing

Last year the Government announced measures designed to tackle the growing number of estates drawn into an inheritance tax liability through house price appreciation. The residence nil-rate band will eventually allow up to £175,000 of property wealth per person to be passed on with no IHT liability. Added to the standard nil-rate band of £325,000, […]


The dangers of delaying inheritance planning

Clients are often tempted to put off planning for the division of their estate on death. However, creating a will can help avoid complications, particularly where complex family situations exist. There are an estimated 52 per cent of adults living in the UK that do not have a will, the absence of which means an […]