Scott Gallacher: Time to talk up our profession

We are now into the second six months of the RDR and so far we have seen mixed reports about whether people are leaving, or joining, the industry. Earlier this year figures suggested 10 to 25 per cent of advisers had left the industry but at the PFS regional conference earlier this summer we were […]


Peter Le Beau: Why protection needs advisers who care

I am a bit obsessional about some things, as my wife and family will tell you. Obsessions are usually irrational, often very irritating to some people and incomprehensible to others. I think I am a bit obsessional about protection – I blame a lot of life salesmen that I met when I was an impressionable young […]


Chris Hannant: What the FCA’s board minutes say about the regulator

One of the August traditions is the publication of A-level and GCSE results together with the newspaper pictures of young people celebrating. Alongside this year’s results there was much comment about the fall in the top grades as efforts to make the exams harder begin to bite. This was followed, perhaps unsurprisingly, by employers and […]


Neil Liversidge: My fantasy escape from a post-RDR nightmare

I had a wonderful day yesterday. My staff came into my office and asked for a pay cut. No sooner was that arranged than I had the power company phoning to say they were reducing my electric bill and the landlord was reducing my rent. Filing my car up on the way home I was delighted […]


David Coombes: Are cheap emerging market equities reflecting big risks?

Emerging market equities have struggled year-to-date, having returned -6 per cent versus 13 per cent from their developed counterparts. Performance within the region has been disparate. Venezuela has returned around 66 per cent during this time, whereas India has trailed on the other end of spectrum, having fallen 22 per cent. We are underweight emerging […]