Evan Bauman

Why the unloved healthcare sector deserves a closer look

Healthcare has been one of the most unpopular areas of equity markets for the better part of two years, but one where opportunities for sustainable growth continue to be found. To better understand the current situation and what the near-term future holds, it is helpful to review the bull and bear markets the sector has […]


How advisers can play the oil price recovery

Cyclical stocks are closely tied to the ups and downs of a broad or global economy and thus tend to perform well or poorly based on where we are in a business cycle. US energy stocks are a good example of cyclical exposure. While investors should insist on owning companies with high quality fundamentals, strong […]


The Brexit boost for US equities

As we move through the halfway point of 2016, sentiment has been impacted by the UK’s surprise vote to leave the European Union. Prior to the Brexit sell-off, markets had moved higher on the strength of improving commodity prices (crude oil rose 17 per cent for the quarter to over $48 per barrel) and indications […]

The US sectors poised to gain on wave of merger activity

Growth remains elusive across much of the global economy. Even the US – a stalwart compared with others for most of the current recovery – has recently showed signs of sluggishness. The country’s economy expanded by just 0.5 per cent in the first three months of the year, held back by weakness in capital expenditures […]

Evan Bauman: M&A to thrive in US despite volatile outlook for markets

As we start 2016, we view US equities as neither cheap nor expensive. The S&P 500 is currently trading at around 18 times forward earnings. Market leadership has been narrow, with only a handful of mega-cap tech and internet names contributing most of the gains and masking underlying weakness in the overall market. We expect […]