Emma Thomson

Why protection acceptance rates need more promotion

The FCA recently published feedback on its Call for Input on access to insurance. While this was focused on the ability for people with pre-existing conditions to get travel insurance, it will have wider implications for the protection market – and rightly so. Too many consumers feel they are uninsurable, having been refused cover, even […]

Emma Thomson: Not all clients know what they are covered for

Sitting beside the pool in Rhodes last week, I was surprised and rather pleased to hear a conversation between two fellow holidaymakers about protection insurance. Both men were self-employed and one was talking about how he struggled last year when off work due to an injury. The other was telling him about this insurance he […]

Emma Thomson: Use client stories to promote protection

Seven Families showed that the stories behind the claims statistics can help promote a greater understanding of protection. It’s that time of year when insurers publish their claims statistics, giving confidence that most claims are indeed paid. This openness has created confidence in our industry and, while not all insurers have released their data yet, […]


How to encourage engagement with protection

It is encouraging to hear insurers such as Royal London and Zurich recently sharing plans for improving communications with policyholders, which include keeping distributors better informed and empowered too. Protection statements, improved missed premium processes and systems to help manage existing business are welcome news for distributors who want to better support existing customers. These […]

What we can learn from the US about protection

Portland, Maine, is the hub of the US disability insurance industry and a number of us are here to learn about this interesting market. After just one day, it is already clear our colleagues across the pond have very similar challenges when it comes to consumer apathy and poor knowledge of protection solutions. For a […]


Better claims data will show the value of protection advice

The payment of claims is the key purpose of all of us working within the protection industry; enabling people to receive financial support when tragedy strikes. Focusing on the outcome at claims stage should underpin all the decisions we make, from product design to providing the right advice, to shaping the claims process itself. The […]