Emma Hollington

Junior Production Assistant


Chris Gilchrist: Show the value of risk capacity

The myth of science has largely taken over from a pragmatic approach to matters where there is not enough evidence to draw robust conclusions or where the current models are so flawed we would be better off without them. Investment falls into both camps, modern portfolio theory having been comprehensively discredited and the wannabe science […]

Out of the shadows

Governments respond to crises with measures aimed at preventing similar fiascos from recurring. But then they often assume that the next crisis will be just like the last one. This trend is evident in the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Future Risk: Learning from History report in which we looked at economic and political progress in past […]

Paul Farrow: Stuck with the investment trust status quo?

The investment trust industry has long struggled to raise its profile and it has few colourful figureheads to promote its wares. Which is why it must be a little disappointing for the Association of Investment Companies and its members to learn that one of the sector’s best-known characters, Katherine Garrett-Cox, has rejected any hope that […]

Hit G-Day honestly

As G-Day moves closer, clarity on gender-neutral pricing is still at a worryingly low level. Both advisers and consumers are still not fully aware about what will happen in the lead-up to December 21. It is also worth noting that there has been a noticeable jump in the interest of the consumer press over the […]


Why has the FSA’s role in banking failure been missed?

Since the Libor fixing scandal hit the news there has been a great deal of political manoeuvring over the type of inquiry that should take place. On Thursday evening the Government won the day and initially at least, a parliamentary committee will conduct the inquiry. However, the role of the FSA seems to have been […]

Give us the money

Coincidentally, the FSA’s £60m fine imposed on Barclays Bank was announced as we received our annual bill from the regulator. From a total bill of £10,000, we pay £8,000 to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. I’ve often wondered what the FSA does with money from fines. Apparently it uses it to to reduce fees to […]

Rob Reid: Meeting of minds

When you are facing a momentous shift in environment, it is essential that you do not draw yourself into your shell. This is the time to meet with your peers to discuss matters affecting the industry. It is clear that far too few firms know their costs and fewer still have considered the likelihood of […]

Statement of intent

Last week I considered the high-profile media attack on tax avoidance in the UK. I will look at the perceived need for, and the progress towards, a general anti-abuse rule in the UK in a forthcoming article. As I noted previously, the history of UK tax avoidance has predominantly been about supplementing existing legislation with […]


MM Leader: Could the FSA have done more on Honister?

Honister Capital’s administration, announced last week, has left over 900 advisers and thousands of clients in an extremely worrying position. Serious questions need to be asked as to whether the FSA could have done more to avoid the inevitable consumer detriment and huge worry and stress for advisers left without an income for an uncertain […]


Nic Cicutti: Careful vetting of Honister advisers needed

Depending on who you believe, the demise of Honister Capital was either totally predictable or a complete surprise. Predictable to a number of IFAs who have commented on Money Marketing’s website about the company’s decision to enter administration after failing to secure professional indemnity insurance – yet for Honister’s 900 registered individuals and 190 back- […]