David Shelton

How to predict revenue and profits more accurately

Successful businesses spend time predicting and tracking revenue. Some use spreadsheets, ratios and specialist software, while others use a crystal ball. Indeed, there is a tendency to over- or under-engineer this essential activity but there are some best practice techniques that are important. The starting point is the three-year business plan. The level and mix […]


What a rugby ball can teach us about top advice firms

The pace of change has increased over the past few years, prompted particularly by the RDR and rising competition. Owners have been forced to scrutinise their businesses and, in some cases, re-organise and change how they work in order to make a profit and meet regulatory requirements. Is there an optimum size of business that […]

Tapping the Brexit marketing opportunity

Analysis of the outcome of the referendum has been extensive and there are many issues still to be resolved. Indeed, the Donald Rumsfeld “unknown unknowns” applies perfectly to the current circumstances. But all of this provides the perfect backdrop for client retention and acquisition, as well as stealing back some of the momentum from the […]


David Shelton: What is your firm’s ‘meaning of life’?

Research tells us there is not only such a thing as a mid-life crisis but a quarter-life crisis too, which apparently hits people in their late-20s. People facing such crises often get caught up in meaning of life questions, such as “where am I going?” and “how will I get there?”. You do not have […]

David Shelton: Tackling training at a company level

While the majority of training should be at the individual job level, there is sometimes a case for a more structured business-wide approach. This can be beneficial in the following circumstances: There are several people who need the same training or development The regulator has set specific standards to be achieved Access is possible to […]


David Shelton: Where craft beer and wealth management collide

In many markets there is a continuing debate about the structure of the relevant sector, and the merits of large and small enterprises. Typical issues centre on which are the most profitable, when all the small firms will disappear, the market power of the larger businesses, and so on. The advice market is no exception, […]

David Shelton: Preparing for a new emphasis on senior management

The recent announcement that the senior managers regime is to be extended to cover advice firms during 2018 has been missed by many. Right now there is a lot of change and challenge in the market and this seems a long way off. But this is significant because the responsibility for ensuring senior managers and […]


The parallels between advice and the Rugby World Cup

Robo-advice and its many variations are dominating the columns of the trade press. So this article is (almost) a robo-free zone. Let’s turn to another topical issue: the Rugby World Cup. But what has that got to do with the advice market, I hear you ask? As with most sports, there are some interesting parallels […]


David Shelton: Spring cleaning your website

It is still the case many firms fail to review and update their websites. There is much enthusiasm at the development stage but often the less interesting task of day to day management becomes neglected. To spring clean your site use the following checklist: Have any of the advisers listed left your business? Have you […]