Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch is chairman of Helm Godfrey, which is an independent financial adviser on the issues of employee benefits, wealth management and financial planning.

He is also a consultant for Centaur Media’s Platforum product. Danby is a regular contributor to Money Marketing’s Technical Area.


Danby Bloch: Is your risk register up to scratch?

Advice is becoming a more risky business, meaning firms must rethink their approach to the issues they face Given the Financial Ombudsman Service’s compensation limit is set to rise to £350,000, it is time for advice firms to rethink their approach to the risks they now face. The FCA’s plan is for the new limit […]

Danby Bloch: Robo threat does not lie where you expect

The biggest competition will come from advisers harnessing the power of technology Robo is a threat for advisers – but not in the way most would expect. That was one of the key messages to come from the excellent Vanguard Investment Symposium held last month. The conventional view of robo is that many investors will […]

Danby Bloch: Getting older clients up to speed on relatives’ protection needs

Who could become financially dependent on your client if they became seriously ill or their spouse or partner died? How often have you heard the following statement: “We are specialist investment advisers and most of our clients are at or in retirement, so we do almost no protection business”? Do you say it yourself? Well, […]


Danby Bloch: Is percentage charging best for your firm?

Forty per cent of advisers have reviewed their charging structure in the past six months, according to research by Platforum. The reason is not hard to find: regulation, and Mifid II in particular. But what is interesting is that, so far at least, advisers do not seem to be making changes to how they charge. […]

Danby Bloch: The case for income investing

It has been said advisers place too little emphasis on income from client’s investments “A gentlemen could jog along comfortably on £40,000 a year!” was the judgement of a man who knew what he was talking about when someone’s worth was measured by income rather than capital value. This emphasis on income was common throughout the […]

Danby Bloch

Danby Bloch: Centralised retirement propositions do not mean uniformity of outcomes

Adviser firms should have a consistent and planned approach to retirement planning but risks and client outcomes will vary. One of the more intelligent remarks during an adviser roundtable I hosted recently for Platforum – on the subject of decumulation in retirement – was the following: “I encourage many of my clients to turn left […]

Danby Bloch: Batten down the hatches for IHT review

Office of Tax Simplification report could trigger the biggest upset in estate planning for years If you think the biggest threat to inheritance tax planning is posed by Jeremy Corbyn and a possible Labour government, think again. The Conservatives are taking a long hard look at IHT and their aim is simplification. The Office of […]