Clive Waller

Clive Waller: Building relationships with experts

Please stay with me for a moment while I discuss dentists. I have been in Petersfield for 30 years. Every dentist has told me my gums are bad, but they can cure the problem. My super Russian dentist was the first and, after a few months, all was well. For 20 years, that is, until […]


Clive Waller: Contingent charging can only lead to bad advice

Money Marketing editor Justin Cash wrote an excellent piece recently, suggesting it was time to end contingent charging for defined benefit transfers. I tweeted my agreement, only to be castigated by numerous advisers. I found many of the arguments to retain contingent charging weak at best; others quite ludicrous. Blog: Why DB transfer contingent charging […]


Clive Waller: We must keep a close eye on vertical integration

There are a few expressions guaranteed to enrage financial planners. One of these is vertical integration. Many will argue vertical integration means inferior advice and poor products at higher cost. Is this fair? In some cases yes, but not always. Simplistically, there are three layers in the value chain: manufacture, distribution/advice and the technology in […]


Clive Waller: Decumulation is risky for clients and advisers

I make no apologies for revisiting decumulation and challenging the current model. It is risky for clients and advisers. My comments relate to the process whereby a retirement portfolio is amortised for income. And I am not looking at financial planning for high net worth clients, whose assets will largely go to children and grandchildren. […]

Clive Waller: More regulation is not better in the digital world

Regulatory issues around advice versus guidance and suitability create problems for digital platforms but digitalisation will march forward regardless. I have just finished Nassim Taleb’s new book Skin In The Game. He is hugely critical of regulators, financial advisers, life coaches… oh, and consultants. It’s the bit about regulators that fascinates – the fact that there […]


Clive Waller: If the computer can do it, it will do it

There are still some in financial planning that deny the advance of technology. Or, more to the point, that radical change will occur. Thankfully, they are a minority. It is easy to forget how far we have progressed. At the start of the millennium, the typical adviser’s workload centred on valuations for portfolios. Our first […]


Clive Waller: Beware the mantra

I have worked in retail financial services for longer than I care to confess, and I have never been bored because of the rate of change throughout. Some things do not change, such as the client’s need for protection against living too long, dying too soon, and disability: the core of financial planning. Just occasionally, […]