Brett Davidson

Brett Davidson: Succession planning- the options

A plan of action for getting one of a firm’s most challenging periods right Succession planning is one of the major issues within our profession. As the founding owners of firms approach the latter stages of their careers, the thorny issue of “what next?” looms large. Last year, I attended a fantastic session at a […]

Brett Davidson: How to handle mistakes in your business

Everyone makes mistakes but how you respond to them will have a big impact on your business How do you deal with mistakes in your business? I mean the really big mistakes that probably have serious consequences. For example, a mis-click that buys the wrong investment for a client, costing them money. Or a mistake […]


Brett Davidson: Why you need to take time off

Several years ago, I won a private boxing lesson in a charity auction. When I went in for the session with Mark “The Burf” Burford from The Ring Boxing Club, I was doing everything to the maximum. But one of the many tips he gave me was that you do not have to do everything […]

Brett Davidson: Find your big, bold business goal

Dare to be audacious and start chasing the transformation Growing a business successfully is an exercise in personal development. Your business will not grow faster than you do. A healthy self-awareness, and the ability to change, is essential throughout your business career. There are two important reasons for embracing continued personal growth: Continuing to grow […]

Brett Davidson: How to achieve your goals as an adviser

Do you have some big goals for yourself? If you do, great. But do you have the skills required to actually achieve them? If just doing more of the same is not guaranteed to get you to your goals, then read on. We have all heard the expression “life is a marathon, not a sprint”. […]


Brett Davidson: Winning the war for talent

As problems around recruitment intensify, keeping your staff fulfilled is vital The adviser recruitment issue is not going away, with pressure building due to the lack of fresh blood coming into the industry and a dearth of experienced and qualified candidates willing to move jobs. And have you tried hiring a paraplanner lately? Not only […]

Brett Davidson: When doing nothing is the best business option

Patience is an underrated skill in business. Do not fall into the trap of making decisions too quickly and regretting them later. It is important to make decisions when you run a business. Indeed, there are some situations where making any decision is better than analysis paralysis. However, there are also times when you need […]

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Brett Davidson: Serious about succession? Don’t stay too long

The biggest factor behind a successful succession is knowing when to step aside. If you are serious about creating internal successors within the business you have built up over your career, then there are some important issues to consider. The biggest of these is your specific plan and timeline. If you have been talking about […]