Billy Burrows

Billy Burrows: Three mistakes damaging client engagement

As advisers, we want to help people make the right decisions at retirement, but many people do not want to help themselves by properly engaging with us. People used to be more open to taking advice and more trusting of experts but there seems to be a lot less of that now. This has not […]

Billy Burrows

Billy Burrows: Getting real with retirement risks

Most people agree the financial markets will be in for a rough ride as we enter the final phase of Brexit negotiations and as the effects of Trumpian economics play out. What can we do about it? I am not sure there are any easy answers. But, looking at the state of things, we need […]


Billy Burrows: Changing the angle on annuities  

Industry should focus on annuitisation as a concept rather than an annuity as a product In last month’s article, I looked at how retirement advice does not have to be black or white. There are solutions that bridge the gap between annuities and drawdown, and plenty of scope to innovate the way advice is delivered. […]


Billy Burrows: Advice wins every time

Why go to a non-advised broker when you can get expert advice for half the price? It has been 16 months since I started advising clients again after a break of four years. Obviously, much has changed since pension freedoms, not least that annuities are less popular and drawdown has become the new default at […]


Billy Burrows: Can 2018 be the year of the annuity?

At the beginning of last year, I asked whether 2017 would finally be the year of annuity, after several of declining rates and popularity. Unfortunately, they are still in the doldrums and there are few signs things will improve in the next few months. I do hope to report later in the year that the […]