Beth Brearley

Beth Brearley is editor of Money Marketing’s sister title, Fund Strategy. She can be reached on or 020 7970 4608.


Bitcoin investment: what do investors make of the craze?

Are fund investors ready to jump on board with the Bitcoin investment craze? Bitcoin was launched in 2009 in the midst of the financial crisis, but the cryptocurrency had remained under the radar until its soaring prices caught public attention this year. Now the price of one Bitcoin is nearing $20,000. That represents an almost […]


FCA launches consultation on authorisation and competition

The FCA has launched a consultation on its approach to authorisation and competition, which will be open to responses until March next year. Following the launch of the FCA’s mission in April, the approach documents are the second and third in a series of papers explaining how the watchdog tackles regulation. The first document, the […]


Brexit: Number of firms announcing relocation plans doubles in 2017

This year more than double the number of companies have announced plans to relocate jobs due to Brexit compared to 2016. Last year 12 financial services firms announced that around 12,500 jobs would move out of the UK as a consequence of Brexit, but while the number of firms has risen to 26, the total […]


FCA fines increase tenfold in 2017

The total amount in fines handed out by the FCA has increased 10 times in the past year, soaring from £22.2m in 2016 to £229.4m in 2017. The FCA fined eight individuals an aggregate £436,000 and £229m was levied against companies, according to law firm Clyde & Co. Even though fewer fines have been levied […]

Investors pour into bond funds as UK equity income sees outflows of £444m

UK investors have continued their flight to safety with fixed income the best-selling asset class in October, according to the Investment Association. Fixed income saw £2bn in net retail sales in October, while the Sterling Strategic Bond sector was the best-selling sector with net retail sales of £1.6bn. Outflows continued from the UK equity income […]


Over a third of firms unsure if they are Mifid II compliant

Over a third of financial firms are unsure whether they are Mifid II compliant, despite the deadline being less than a month away. Research by managed cloud service provider Timico shows 39 per cent are in the dark about their situation, while a quarter have not implemented the necessary recording technology and 29 per cent […]


Govt reveals plans for asset management ‘Centres of Excellence’

The Government has unveiled plans to introduce Asset Management Centres of Excellence across the UK in its second investment management strategy paper, published today. It was announced in the Autumn Budget that the Government would be publishing the Investment Management Strategy II following the launch of the first strategy in 2013 as part of its […]


Royal London adds income focus to £800m UK Growth fund

Royal London Asset Management is changing the name of the £794m UK Growth fund and launching an income share class. From 15 January the UK Growth fund will be called the Royal London UK Dividend Growth fund. Income units and quarterly distributions will be introduced from 31 July 2018. Managed by Richard Marwood and Niko […]


Sterling soars on Brexit breakthrough

The pound was up in early morning trading on news the UK has reached an agreement with the EU on the Brexit bill, paving the way for trade talks to proceed next month. The Brexit ‘divorce bill’ will reportedly amount to between €45bn and €55bn, the Telegraph reports. Sterling soared to a two-month high, up 0.6 per […]


FCA probes four top fund firms over competition breaches

The FCA is investigating four asset management firms over allegations they have broken competition law in the first case of its kind. Artemis Investment Management, Hargreave Hale, Newton Investment Management and River & Mercantile Asset Management are said to have shared information relating to one or two IPOs and one placing, shortly before the share […]


Aberdeen Standard Investments closes Absolute Return Government Bond fund

Aberdeen Standard Investments is closing the Absolute Return Government Bond fund it acquired from Ignis. The Ignis Absolute Return Government Bond fund transferred to Standard Life Investments following the firm’s acquisition of Ignis Asset Management in 2014. The £149m fund has now been closed to further investment and will be wound up on 22 December […]


FE launches responsibly managed portfolios

FE has added a range of responsibly managed portfolios to FE Invest in response to increasing demand for sustainable and ethical investments. The suite of risk-targeted portfolios will use the FE ratings system and proprietary technology to achieve diversification and suitable levels of volatility, overseen by a team of analysts. To be included in the […]