Amanda Newman Smith

Amanda Newman Smith

Profile: Why Blue Sky’s boss set up advice in a coffee shop

Five years ago, Blue Sky Financial Planning managing director Gary Neild set up a coffee shop. But this was no ordinary coffee shop. Alongside a mouth-watering array of cakes and Belgian chocolates, The Coffee Lounge at Local Epicentre offers people in the West Moors area of Dorset advice on financial, legal and tax matters. “A lot of people thought I was mad – setting up a coffee shop […]


Making the most of adviser CPD

It is mandatory for advisers who cover investment to complete at least 35 hours of continuing professional development a year. However, there’s more to CPD than doing it because you have to. It can help advisers identify gaps in their skills and knowledge which ultimately benefit their clients and their businesses. So how can advisers […]

Clearing the hurdles facing the pensions dashboard

The pensions dashboard is a simple idea that seems to have become increasingly complicated. It was devised as a way of people being able to see all their pensions in one place, including those they may have lost touch with over time, so they could make informed decisions about them. However, making the pensions dashboard a reality has […]