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Amanda Newman Smith

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Do we need more detail on declined claims?

Industry needs new ways of increasing confidence, with high payout rates falling on deaf ears Paying claims is at the heart of the protection industry but the positive picture painted by high payout rates doesn’t appear to be getting through to consumers. Most providers publish their claims data each year, highlighting the fact the number […]

Profile: Fidelius chief: FSCS levies should be based on risk

Fidelius chief executive on picking the right industry battles and building advice firms from scratch Fidelius chief executive Jim Grant bought his first advice firm in 1996, so he is used to the regulatory quirks of the UK financial services industry. Take the holy grail of “what good looks like”. It is a source of frustration for […]

Profile: Evolution director: IFAs have no support to make a difference to pension levels

Evolution Financial Planning director on why the government needs to take more responsibility for promoting advice to pension savers There is a lot to be said about pensions. Defined benefit transfers and the ongoing implications of the freedom and choice regime have given advisers plenty to contemplate in recent years. However, for Evolution Financial Planning […]

Profile: Acumen MD on growing your own advisers

Acumen Financial Partnership managing director Angela Maher discusses succession plans and family values Family crops up a lot when Acumen Financial Partnership managing director Angela Maher talks about business. It is clearly important. Having come from generations of people who ran their own businesses in industries such as farming, you could say it is is […]

Flora Maudsley-Barton

Profile: Parsonage Financial Services boss on not letting gender be a barrier to success

Parsonage Financial Services managing director Flora Maudsley-Barton says gender is as much a problem or an advantage as you choose it to be Grouping people together based on shared characteristics is how we make sense of the world, rightly or wrongly. We talk about “the adviser community” as if all the individuals doing this particular job are one homogenous group and we do […]


Profile: Lowland Financial managing director on why it pays to be choosy when selling your business

Graeme Mitchell may not have planned his entrance into financial services but the same cannot be said of his eventual exit from the industry. The 64-year-old managing director of Scottish advice firm Lowland Financial started to think seriously about his succession plans and exit strategy a few years ago. The question of what he was […]


Do retirement savers need national targets?

For many people, pensions are too confusing or such a long way off it does not seem real. Their annual pension statement may not make much sense because it is not set within the context of lifestyle. But translate the hard facts and figures into something they can relate to and it might be a […]


Ascot Lloyd: ‘Using a CIP leads to consistent advice’

Ascot Lloyd investment director Steven Lloyd explains how a centralised investment proposition and bespoke discretionary fund management caters for individual client needs. Can you explain your investment approach? We use a combination of in-house and outsourced solutions, depending on the individual client. We have a centralised investment proposition that provides a range of choices for […]

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Why I went restricted: Three advisers share their stories

Some advisers are welded to independence but for others restricted status makes more sense. Three restricted advice firms share their experiences  The one-man band  Lowland Financial managing director Graeme Mitchell became restricted after he was advised that a one-man band would not be able to demonstrate true independence after the Retail Distribution Review. “I took compliance advise and spoke to the FCA asking how feasible is it for a one-man band to demonstrate […]


Should the tax-free lump sum be separated from pension decisions?

The FCA wants the government to explore ‘decoupling’ the 25 per cent tax-free lump sum from decisions about the remaining pension pot. When trying to solve any problem it is good to consider all your options. Perhaps this is where the FCA is coming from in the final report of its Retirement Outcomes Review. The […]