Alan Knowles


Critical illness vs income protection: Which is easiest for advisers?

There is a common misconception that harsh underwriting makes income protection more difficult for advisers to place. Income protection has always had a reputation for being difficult due to the strict view insurers take when underwriting the cover. Even now I still hear “harsh underwriting” as a reason advisers do not offer it, defaulting instead […]

Advisers need fresh thinking on critical illness cover

Critical illness cover should be a pick and mix While I appreciate companies are not particularly turned on by higher risk clients, there are millions of people deemed uninsurable in the personal critical illness market. Coupled with the ongoing debate of whether CI is still fit for purpose I thought I would put forward an […]


Why critical illness cover is broken – and how it can be fixed

Whether critical illness cover is still suitable for purpose is an ongoing debate among the industry. While most agree change is needed, with the exception of adding or removing a few random conditions it is largely left alone. Do I feel critical illness cover is broken? Yes. But for a different reason than many. I […]


The road to protection that improves people’s lives

I was fascinated to hear Royal London is going ahead with its proposal for a life insurance policy just for diabetics. As owner of a firm that specialises in placing cover for clients with pre-existing conditions the news is very exciting. From my experience, the most difficult cases to place are type 1 and type […]