Arthritic former midwife becomes latest Seven Families beneficiary


A former midwife suffering with debilitating arthritis has become the latest recipient of support from the Seven Families campaign.

Melanie Knights, a 40-year old wife and mother of three living in Newcastle, lost her job in 2014 due to prolonged absence from work primarily caused by arthritis.

As part of the Seven Families project Melanie will receive £1,500 per month, along with advice to help improve her home life, aid rehabilitation and support potential a return to work.

Seven Families spokesman Peter Le Beau explains: “The campaign provides a tax-free income for one year.

“Each family will have access to financial advice from a range of volunteering financial advisers to help with basic finances and budgeting and they will also have the opportunity to benefit from independent living, rehabilitation and counselling services.”

The programme, which was launched in November last year, has brought together 19 insurers to raise awareness and take-up of income protection, working with Disability UK to select seven families from across the country to take part.