Artemis Fund Managers

About us

Independent and owner-managed, Artemis opened for business in 1997. Its aim was, and still is, exemplary investment performance and client service. All Artemis’ staff share these two precepts – and the same flair and enthusiasm for fund management.

Artemis’ fund managers invest in the funds that they and their colleagues manage. This has been a key tenet of Artemis’ approach to investment since the firm started. It means that we ‘eat our own cooking’. It means that our fund managers’ interests are directly aligned with those of our investors.

As part of Artemis’ distinctive culture, the Artemis Charitable Foundation receives each year a fixed percentage of the firm’s revenues. That income is passed on to charities chosen by our staff. And by underwriting such events as the Artemis Kindrochit Quadrathlon, the Foundation enables further charitable giving. All this encourages our staff to contribute to the world beyond fund management.