Advisers hit by CII exam glitches

Almost 100 advisers were left unable to sit their Chartered Insurance Institute exams after problems with exam software while up to 750 advisers were hit by system delays.

Advisers had problems with the City & Guilds IT system used by the CII to run its exams. Due to the system running slowly, 96 advisers were told they would be unable to take the exam, out of 271 advisers entered for an exam that day.

On December 2, 569 candidates sat their exam but experienced a delay of up to 45 seconds between each question.

The CII has given a free resit to the advisers who could not take their exam. Advisers who received a borderine fail will also be offered a free resit.

A CII spokeswoman says: “We have asked City & Guilds to look into this and make sure there are no further issues of this happening again.”

Thameside Wealth director Tom Kean says: “When this kind of thing happens it not only knocks an adviser’s confidence but it also knocks your confidence in the CII as well.”

The latest IT problems follow a system failure at CII exam centres in April which left up to 107 advisers unable to take their exams. In May, the CII found 35 missing exam papers after telling advisers the papers had been lost.