A touch of Genius

In the relatively short time since I left formal education, the act of learning has changed dramatically.

I remember being taught about revision and exam technique at school but the learning process itself was very much a case of head along to the lessons or lectures and then read the course material.

But it seems that learning has undergone a bit of a change.

In an attempt to maximise the return from the small amount of time I am able to dedicate to studying, I have signed up to a trial of a programme called Genius Material, which is being run in partnership with the New Model Business Academy.

The programme is designed to help people tailor their learning methods to ensure they are spending their time as productively as possible. According to Lysette Offley, the founder of Genius Material, the programme is designed to help people find the best way for them to study. Getting the process right can make a substantial difference to people’s results, she says.

Offley says the way the human brain works means that people are very bad at remembering non-essential information. In order that we do not clutter our brains with endless amounts of trivia, we are designed to forget 80 per cent of what we learn within two weeks. Not too much of a problem in day-to-day life when we have access to various resources to store, catalogue and retrieve information, but not very helpful when you have exams to sit.

Offley says tailoring the way people approach studying, adapting everything from the way you take notes to the time and the timing of when you study, can help to turn this statistic on its head and help people remember up to 80 per cent of the material they are studying.

I now have my tailored e-book (there are 16 different ones available depending on your answers to a questionnaire you take when you sign up) and in conjunction with the suite of online training videos and weekly webinars, I am hoping that the new techniques will help me make better use of the little time I have available for studying.

Next month I hope to be able to report back on how I am getting on using mind maps, memory pegs and the von Restorff effect but anything that promises to make learning more effect and efficient is worth a try.