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A study in time

Gregor Watt
Gregor Watt Deputy editor Money Marketing

The aim when I set out on this experiment was to see if it was possible and practical to study for a full set of RDRcompliant exams while holding down a full-time job.

If I did not realise the answer initially, I certainly do now. The answer is yes but it is difficult and as I am finding at the moment, if anything else crops up which needs any time spent on it, the study plan soon goes out of the window.

The quieter summer months usually seems like a good time to catch up on some of the tasks that get put off and delayed from earlier in the year.

This year, in additional to the normal planning and admin tasks that get put off until August, I had the small matters of CF3 and CF4 that I was hoping to tackle as well. But with a busier-thanexpected summer and a lack of room in my suitcase when I went on holiday, I am now rapidly falling further behind in my schedule.

In addition, I have slightly foolishly decided to try and buy a flat and trying to keep track of my solicitor, estate agents and mortgage broker is consuming some of the time I had hoped to be able to put towards my studying.

The combined result is it is now September and I am still two full exams short of where I had intended to be by now. Were it not for the introduction of the CII diploma in regulated financial planning (other examinations are of course available), I would be in very real danger of failing in the objective of getting to a RDR qualified level within the set timescale.

However, the introduction of the new RO exams is giving me a chance to catch up on lost time. Instead of having to get all five CF exams followed by the right number of credits from the JO series, I can just plough straight on with the new series and it cuts the number of exams I need to sit down to five.

I have already received my study text for RO1 and although it has more than a passing resemblance to a phone directory, it will probably make more enjoyable reading than the homebuyer’s report that I have just received. All I need now is some time to read it.


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