59 2 of 2 Wells Street Journal: Tenet goes on tour

Some financial services firms are humble in victory as well as defeat. Others (read most) take a more “loud and proud” approach. And there is nothing like the Money Marketing Awards to bring out the industry’s gloaters.

The hallowed gold bar is a prize worth fighting for, and firms were not shy in coming forward following last week’s glittering ceremony at Old Billingsgate in London.

One network took it a bit further though. Not for them were the confines of a marketing email or an online advert.

Following in the steps of the great sportsmen and women before them, Tenet, the winner of this year’s Best Network category, decided the only true way to celebrate its success was an open top bus tour of Leeds and the surrounding areas.

Our WSJ reporter was live at the scene and managed to capture the tour in action.