Wells Street Journal: Throw money at it

Timebank paraplanner James Eden became an insistent client of a very different stripe last week week, while attempting to make his way to WSJ sister-title Money Marketing’s annual awards gala.

Eden found himself stuck in traffic on the way to the party, and confronted with an apologetic cabbie refusing to take a fare for a journey that looked likely to terminate a mile short of its destination.

After arguing with his driver over how much was, or was not, owed, Eden decided that he knew best and took the matter into his own hands.

Eden disembarked his taxi, balled up some cash in his sweaty palm and hurled the funds through the window of the vehicle.

And obviously Eden followed up one sensible decision with another by jogging the remaining mile to the venue, tuxedo tails flapping in the wind behind him.

A startled cabbie told WSJ: “I don’t know what is wrong with these people. I tried to be generous, but the man just screamed at me, hurled some change in my taxi and disappeared. I thought times were supposed to be tough for advisers, but apparently they can’t stop throwing money away!”