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Scotland prepares for second vote on independence


Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon is finalising plans to bring about a second referendum on whether Scotland should be independent from the UK.

The Times reports the Scottish National Party leader is to set out plans for a further vote on independence in two weeks time as part of her programme for Government.

Scottish government officials have been drafting a bill to authorise a second referendum for the past two months.

Sturgeon has also announced plans for a new Scottish minister for Brexit, and a new cabinet sub-committee to keep track of Brexit developments.

She says: “While I am absolutely serious here about trying to examine and exhaust all options, I recognise – and recognised the morning after the referendum – that it may be impossible to protect Scotland’s interest in a UK context, but it doesn’t mean that I am not going to try. If we get to that position – and what I said the morning after the referendum I stick to – I think that’s highly likely.

“Then it would be for me to put that position to the Scottish parliament to make that decision, and ultimately for the people of Scotland to make that decision.”



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‘UK to avoid recession’ as Brexit shock eases

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  1. Perhaps Ms Sturgeon should find out if the EU wants Scotland as an Independent nation member state, and if so how long it would take to join their club and the €. Last I heard is that the Spanish and French would veto their membership.

    • My my but you’re woefully misinformed, Scotland would not actually leave the EU, to stay in we only need the votes of half the EU members.
      Scotland would not use the Euro, we don’t qualify to use the Euro. We would use our own Scottish pound, after all, it was a Scottish pound long before it was a British pound. Happy to help you out there. toodeloo

  2. No it doesn’t.

  3. How many referendums does she want obviously enough till they agree with her. Does she not understand they voted to remain part of the United Kingdom and so must accept the decision of the majority that is called democracy.
    Queen Nicola the First of Scotland has spoken! Yeah Right

    • That’s right, cos after every General Election in Britain, the parties that didn’t win just pack everything up and never think about standing for election again.
      You’re not really clued up on this democracy thing are you, it’s decided by the will of the people and at the moment 49% are polling YES to 42% polling No in Scotland, that’s the will of the people !

  4. Neil Liversidge 24th August 2016 at 4:27 pm

    The SNP reminds me of a girlfriend I had when I was 17. She was forever pulling a power-play along the lines of “We really must finish.” Until one day I said “Okay luv, bye bye, don’t let the door hit your *** on the way out.” Then suddenly she didn’t want to finish at all. So I dumped her. Maybe we should dump Scotland likewise.

    • Alasdair Sampson 24th August 2016 at 5:32 pm

      Please do not mistake the 45% who voted Yes to Independence in 2014, and who have been banging on about it and manufacturing grievances where none exist since then, as representing the majority view of Scots then or now – that is the recurring error that Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP have continuously made and continue to make.

      She further assumes that the 62% Remain vote in the EU referendum equates to a 62% vote in support of Scottish independence now. It doesn’t, but again the SNP ignore the facts.

      I am Scottish and very proud to be Scottish – but I am British, very proud of that too, my flag is the Union flag and my head of state is HMQ.

      I do not want to see the oldest most successful Union in history being consigned to history.

      But perhaps England, Wales and N Ireland should hold its own referendum to determine whether you want to retain Scotland in the UK.

      If E,W & NI vote No then it wouldn’t just be a case of Scotland being ejected but the UK would cease to exist as a legal entity – there wouldn’t and in law couldn’t be an “rUK”. The UK is the aggregation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – and the GB bit is Scotland and England only as per the Treaty and Acts of Union.

      If England votes Yes to retain GB, then England Wales and N Ireland can have another refe

  5. The SNP is quite right to want another referendum. Why should the Tory Right and UKIP rule Scotland? Scotland voted Remain and Remain is what they should get. Brexiters were warned their idiotic campaign would lead to the break up of the UK. Northern Ireland could yet see more strife.

    • Neil F Liversidge 25th August 2016 at 10:16 am

      Ken, the Remainiacs lost because, in the words of the old proverb, “You can’t fool all the people all the time”. The British people had been inveigled into something they did not want – an undemocratic federal Europe. The first chance they had, they voted to leave. And it’s not just the Tory/UKIP right that wanted out. Check out Lexit on Youtube – the left campaign for Brexit.

  6. The problem is financial . Scotland would be like Venezuela without the heat, a petro economy with a high spending government, doomed to booms and busts for ever. Unless of course they are sensible and hold down government spending, a difficult thing to sell to the populace (vote independence for poorer public services and spending doesn’t have much of a ring to it). Europe specifically doesn’t want them as this would create problems with their own regional areas seeking self rule.

  7. Excellent. Scotland clearing off would be the cherry on top of the very sweet icing of Brexit. Bring it on. Can the English be allowed a vote too please.

  8. The majority of Scotland voted to remain in Europe!! The goalposts have moves immensely! In A democracy where majority rules then Scotland as part of the union has no way to lifluence any uk vote, therefore as a democracy they are entitled to reconsider their position!! I am not Scottish, or reside in Scotland. France and Scotland have a long history. Pre- referendum Europe was using scare tactics to prevent brexit. Europe could not actually believe it would happen.

  9. With the announcement today that the Scottish deficit is running at £14bn, and the SNP adamant that you must spend to solve said deficit – the sooner there is another vote for independence in Scotland the better. Bring it on Ms Sturgeon.

  10. Maybe you need to realise it’s about what is best for Scotland and not what is best for Westminster.
    What has already been stated is that if we are independant, we would be able to stay while England leaves.
    As for the cost it will be worked out like it is for the rest of the EU.
    Can we afford it. Yes. At the moment without the oil we are subsidising England by some£3.5 billion. Our oil brings in more than twice our national revenue. As for the national debt. That belongs to the Bank of England. As we have been told we cannot use the English pound. Our Scottish pound is not legal tender in the rest of the U.K. So we will have to have our own national reserve bank.

    • This is the first sensible post on here. The rest of you, despite the appalling political meltdown in England this summer, still haven’t realised how untrustworthy the establishment media is and what distorted nonsense you’re all dripfed on a daily basis. Just how gullible are you all?

    • I don’t usually reply to comments here but I feel I have to make an exception to the utter drivel you are spouting.

      Where are you getting the figure of £3.5bn from?

      Utter utter nonsense.

  11. Ken Durkin………..what exactly was ‘the idiotic campaign’?

    And havent you grasped what happened yet? It wasn’t the Tory right and UKIP that resulted in the referendum result!!!

    How do you know the people who voted remain in the EU in Scotland arent actually people who would vote AGAIN to remain part of the UK? The Scottish People werent voting on Scotland to gain independence (they voted that a couple of years ago and voted no) they were voting as part of the UK should we leave the EU and the UK voted to leave….it’s called democracy.

    Finally whatg I cannot get my head round is why some people in Scotland would want independence for the UK (I do understand that bit) but why then you would want to be part of Europe where you would have even less of a say in things than you say you have in the UK. I can tell you if every single person in Scotland voted against something in the EU (without the rest of the UK) the EU would take no notice whatsoever.

  12. You can scotch the idea that the Scots would not be welcome in Europe. It is in the EU’s interests to further integrate their political union and increase as a powerful trading bloc. The Scots would be welcomed with open arms.

  13. Both the Union and the European Union are reserved matters for the UK Government. It is not within the competence of the Scottish Parliament to legislate on either.

    Ms Sturgeon need to concentrate on the matters actually entrusted to her eg the disgraceful state of Scottish schools, sorting out her unlawful ‘named person’ scheme etc etc.

  14. Bethell Codrington 25th August 2016 at 9:35 am

    Nice Budget deficit figures out today for Scotland. Twice that of Greece!!!

  15. @Keith Farrell – North Sea oil revenue has dropped by 97% to just £60m and Scotland has a deficit of 9.5% of GDP compared to 4% of GDP for the UK as a whole. So who is subsidising who exactly?

    Scotland is skint, broke, on-its-arse. And despite what you claim about the national debt, you will have to pay for your share if you leave the UK.

  16. When it comes to giving up the Pound and accepting the Euro, money will decide how Scots vote. For the last few years I’ve worked the gate as a volunteer marshall at a major Yorkshire motorcycle event – Yorkshire MAG’s Farmyard Party at Helmsley, North Yorks. We get a lot of Scots bikers attending and very welcome they are. They are also in my experience well educated and astute. I’ve not met one that has been in favour of Scotland leaving the UK but most I’ve talked to have been in favour of the UK leaving the EU. Bikers know better than most the suffocating effect of EU bureaucracy. Bikers were the first to wake up to the democratic deficit in the EU – a deficit the European Commission is determined will NEVER be remedied.

  17. “Democratic deficit!” How many unelected Lords? Who elected our Head of State? No PR! We have a lot to learn about democracy from the EU! The use of a veto for a start. Scotland should be allowed to veto the the English Brexiters. So should Northern Ireland.

  18. Remember Scotland only received 8% of oil revenue at the moment, if independent we would receive 100%…that is not counted in the GERS report..neither is the fact that the £4.5 billion made each year by Scotch whisky is counted as an English tax receipt…as its shipped from English ports. If independent that £4.5 billion would be Scottish money. With that and all 100% of oil revenue…plus no share of Trident renewal…Scotland would have no deficit…but hey dont let that get in the way of putting Scotland down. Heres hoping that tgis time Scotland has the guts to leave…then we will see who sinks!

    • Oil is running out fast and prices are Rock bottom so don’t be banking on that one!!

    • One of the most sensible comments I’ve read on here and it didn’t even cover everything. Scotland’s deficit would be non-existent. Oil isn’t even a factor and should be ignored completely. Maybe people should look into the fact that GERS is a political tool introduced by the Tories in the early 1990s to undermine all popular parties in Scotland and make Scotland appear financially weak. That was outed in a leaked internal Tory memo so perhaps all these nawbags should actually do some research instead of lapping up the inane unionist drivel they are spoonfed by the mainstream media and the elitist scum in power at Westminster. Botton line is, don’t believe what you are told; look up the actual facts for yourself.

      • Nice way of persuading us No voters to change our minds by calling us ‘Nawbags’.

        Incidentally if GERS are so flawed why did the White Paper have the following to say about them:

        ‘The starting point for this analysis is the National Statistics publication, Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland (GERS). GERS is the authoritative publication on Scotland’s
        public finances.’

        And still Yes voters have the temerity to describe others as ill informed.

  19. Andrew Cartlidge 25th August 2016 at 11:52 am

    Nicola Sturgeon’s fears for Scotland’s international trade post Brexit are pure humbug. According to the Scottish Government’s figures (published January 2016) only c 16% of Scottish exports are sent to the EU, whilst 20% are sent to the rest of the World and a whopping 64% to the rest of the UK. Despite this, Ms Sturgeon is prepared to take the risk of tariffs and other differentials wrecking Scotland’s UK trade – whilst Brexit might at most result in it losing a small fraction of its EU trade. Yet the latter is apparently more critical to Ms Sturgeon than Scotland’s ties with the rest of the UK. Ms Sturgeon is determined to rupture Scotland’s exceptionally close relationship with its largest trading partner, apparently to preserve its current relationship with a far less important one. The SNP has no credible economic strategy for Scotland – and it is specious to suggest the EU will buy less whisky (Scotland’s largest export) because Scotland is no longer part of the EU. Furthermore, the EU has not baulked at buying oil or gas from Norway nor Saudi Arabia – despite their not being in the EU – so it is difficult to believe Scotland’s energy exports will be affected by ‘Brexit’. The rest of the UK will buy any supplies the Europeans do not want – if they really have an objection to post-Brexit ‘tartan oil’. Scotland presently enjoys disproportionate influence over a G7 economy and one of the most influential countries in the world. Ms Sturgeon would prefer Scotland to trade that for a 27th hand on the tiller of a polyglot ‘Union’ in which Scotland’s influence would be very marginal at best. She believes government by Brussels would be better than significant participation in government in London – what sort of ‘independence’ would that be?

  20. The US government has to step in to protect Apple’s interests in Europe. Can you imagine England and Wales taking on the mighty Apple so that the US government has to intervene? Scotland will become part of a large, powerful, prosperous, democratic European superstate.

  21. Wee Jimmy Krankie is at it again.

  22. There won’t be a second Brexit Vote and there won’t be a second independence vote – you had your Vote – you lost !!!

  23. Scotland have already voted to stay a member of the UK. The reason for a second referendum is cited as the UK leaving the EU. So would a second referendum actually be about leaving the UK, or is it actually about staying in the EU? What would the referendum question be?

    In any event, only a fool would suggest a Scottish referendum without knowing what the UK would “look like” after it has left the EU. Scotland did indeed vote to stay a member of the EU, but that was without knowing what the UK will “look like” outside the EU. What if Scots who voted to stay in the EU at the EU referendum were to realise that a UK outside the EU wasn’t so bad after all? Then what?

    Picture a scenario where Scotland votes to leave the UK, then realises that they prefer the terms that the UK (excluding Scotland) negotiates with the EU, only to then realise that they cannot re-join the UK to take advantage of the better terms with the EU. Why would any sensible Scot vote for that scenario? The savvy approach would be to go along with the British exit from the EU, see what the terms are, and then hold a Scottish Referendum.

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