Little details make the difference to great advice

Never forget that everything counts. Every aspect of your business says something about who you are, what you value and the kind of experience a client can expect to have should they choose to give you the time of day. Brochures, employees, products, packaging, wallpaper, flowers, absence of flowers – each small detail is communicating […]

Data shows few investors to benefit from doubling EIS limit

Doubling of EIS tax relief limits announced in this week’s budget would likely impact a very limited group of investors, with only 150 individuals using the full existing limit of £1m in 2015/2016. Government data published last month shows that figure was slightly down from previous years. In 2014/2015 and 2013/2014 160 and 195 individuals respectively reached […]


Advisers can be the solution to value worries

This week marked two significant events for the advice community. It has been a year since the FCA’s asset management market study launched and, of course, the Autumn Budget was revealed on Wednesday. Both, in their own different ways, test how much value advisers can offer for their fees. The FCA is almost certainly right […]

Standard Life adds to MyFolio fund range

Standard Life Investment has added global credit and REITs to its MyFolio fund range in its latest quarterly review of its strategic asset allocation. In an update shared with its intermediary investors, SLI said it had introduced global corporate bonds and short-dated global corporate bonds, both hedged back to sterling. The allocation to global corporate bonds […]

The changing face of adviser CPD

We have seen a huge change in the qualifications landscape over the years. Not only have the exams themselves changed, so too has the provision of learning and development throughout financial services. When I sat my FPC exams back in the old days, I remember looking around for assistance so that I did not just […]

Chris Sier: Meeting the FCA’s fund cost challenge

Everyone thinks that the FCA asset management market study interim report was stronger than the final report but actually the main report was the one where the messages were hidden. I remember Gina Miller making a naive comment which said “consult” was used so many times instead of giving a direct action, but the message […]


Are IFAs missing out on workplace wins?

The workplace presents a significant opportunity for advisers, yet many are still shunning this sizable market, experts argue. The pension freedoms and auto-enrolment have increased the unmet need for advice in the workplace. Some larger employers and pension trustees are no longer content to leave employees to fend for themselves among scammers and fraudsters and […]