Sipp firms failing to stick to regulator’s requirements

Dunstan Thomas surveyed 23 Sipp providers and found more than half are failing to provide customers with a wake-up pack.

Thirty-five per cent claim they are working towards it this year while 17 per cent say they have no plans to start providing wake up packs to customers in 2010.

Almost three-quarters of the Sipp firms questioned admit they are failing to provide projections based on specific assets, particularly to lower the standard 5, 7, 9 per cent rates for cash.

Thirty per cent are intending to provide such projections this year while 44 per cent have no plans to offer asset-level illustrations in 2010.

The findings show that a quarter of Sipp firms are ignoring the requirement to have systems capable of spotting abnormal investment transactions.

Informed Choice managing director Martin Bamford says: “Sipp providers clearly need to be taking regulatory requirements a lot more seriously.”