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CII loses adviser exam papers

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The Chartered Insurance Institute has lost 35 advisers’ exam papers and told those affected they will have to resit their exams.

Last week, the CII emailed the 35 advisers, who all sat the CF5 integrated financial planning exam in April and were expecting their results on May 6, to tell them their exam papers had been mislaid.

The CII says the parcel containing the written exams was collected from its offices by courier to be delivered to an examiner but was not scanned in at the courier’s collecting depot.

The CII says the papers are unlikely to be found and the exam will have to be retaken.

Advisers have been entered into another sitting at no charge and will be refunded their exam fee.

A CII spokesman says: “It is very disappointing that this has happened. We had to make allowances in the event that the missing papers do not turn up. We will ensure this does not happen again.”

Asset & Investment Management is one of the affected firms. Paraplanner Vincent Wong says: “This is absolutely appalling. Advisers are under enough pressure as it is. We hope that such costly and time- wasting mistakes can be avoided in future.”

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Readers' comments (25)

  • The CII managed to "mislay" my RO6 paper from October after the results came out in December, it took them 6 weeks to find it for a recheck. They seem incapable of offering a credible marking and review system for written papers, though the online ones have worked fine for me. I suspect there are many advisers who have had to go through the pain of waiting for the CII to sort its systems out.

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  • The CII says the papers are unlikely to be found

    Do the CII know something we don't?

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  • I have just registered for my Advanced Diploma this week through the CII. This does not fill me with the greatest confidence. I have also been doing a bit of research and have had a lot of feedback that the exams do not reflect the sturdy material. After sitting JO5 last year I found a few of the questions were not available from the study text. Any other experiences? Any tips?

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  • This comes of the back of the fiasco a month or so ago when guys were unable to take their exam.

    i think the CII fell behind a long time ago and have done nothing recently to show they have made any ground up on the other providers.

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  • This is an absolute disgrace! Why on earth do this CII not scan every paper before they send anywhere? Are they complete idiots. It is not just a case of refund in the exam free. Most people will have to take another half day off work and if you cost that at £150 per hour it is not cheap. Let alone more time there will have to be spent by brushing up and revisiting subjects studied before another exam. Personally I believe that someone at which the CII should lose their jobs over this.

    Absolutely disgraceful and totally unacceptable. The CII should be offering £1000 compensation to all those involved. Whilst I wasn't one of them I would be happy to part of my annual subs go to support this. However the money should be takenfrom the salary of the people responsible.

    Professional standards! Not at the CII

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  • The CII says they will ensure this won't happen again? Hmmm, I recall them saying that when they lost the papers for the CF2 exam I sat some years ago. I think it's time they changed courier!

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  • Completely Incompetent Institute?

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  • This isn't the first time. I had to resit CF9 a few years ago after they lost a batch of exam papers from a Birmingham sitting. Should we have an independent external audit of CII proceedures and should somebody be held accountable? Who do the CII answer to?

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  • I sat AF3 in October 10, failed by 3 points, requested a remark in Dec, should have got results by end of Jan. Got a telephone call advising the results had been delayed.

    It would appear the examiner couldn't be 'located' and this was the case for a number of 5 weeks. When I asked for the paper to be passed to another examiner I was advised that wasn't possible as the examiner that went AWOL had the original paper and a copy wasn't retained.

    I suggested to Rebecca Fletcher (Reviews Manager) that they should adopt the simple procedure as those working in the financial industry do - retain a duplicate by copying/scanning the document before forwarding the original, to be advised they have 1000's of papers and that wouldn't be practical!

    An investment in system improvement is definately required - financing this shouldn't be an issued with all the revenue being created due to RDR!

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  • Tip of the iceberg and they are not even busy yet !!

    Just think not only have they got the whole industry taking a whole host of different exams & gap fill just wait till they have to start handing out and verifying SPS's

    Thats if, I assume they get the green light in June from the FSA ??

    The whole thing is FUBAR !!

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