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Labour peer Lord Glasman turns on Miliband and Balls

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Ed Miliband’s leadership and Ed Balls’ economic record have been attacked by Lord Glasman, the architect of Blue Labour and a past close adviser to the Labour leader.

While he still backs Miliband as leader, Maurice Glasman says he seems to have “no strategy, no narrative and little energy”, accusing him of “flickering rather than shining”. He describes parts of Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls’ economic record as “crap” adding the party is not winning economic arguments.

Writing in this week’s New Statesman, Glasman says Miliband must push for higher wages, stronger corporate governance, a vocational economy, regional banks and fiscal discipline.

He says: “We have not won and show no signs of winning the economic argument. We have not articulated a constructive alternative capable of recognising our weaknesses in government and taking the argument to the coalition. The world is on the turn, yet we do not seem equal to it.”

“Ed is going to have to show some leadership and courage if the political dynamics of this year are going to be different.”

Glasman bemoans the “old faces” from the Brown era which dominate the Shadow cabinet, reserving his harshest criticism for the approach to the economy taken by Brown and his protégé Balls.

He says: “Endogenous growth, flexible labour-market reform, free movement of labour, the dominance of the City of London - it was all crap, and we need to say so. Stanley Baldwin had a far more robust industrial growth strategy than Brown and Mandelson could conceive of, let alone Cable and Osborne.”

Ed Miliband told last year’s Labour Party conference that a distinction should be made between productive and predatory capitalism, a theme Glasman says he should stick with.

He says: “Financial capital, outside of all relationships and calling the shots is by nature promiscuous and exploitative. We need to call time on its nasty ways,”

Conservative Party co-chair Sayeeda Warsi says: “It is apparent from Lord Glasman’s critique that Ed Miliband is simply not up to the job.”

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