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Brian Tora: Advisers need to use investment trusts wisely

1 September 2014

Until comparatively recently, all but a very few advisers considered investment trusts to be outside their remit.

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Steve Tolley

Why can't banks admit PPI failures?

29 August 2014

Despite £16bn in consumer redress some firms are still refusing to face up to what they have done.

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Freddie Findlater

The Platforum: Strategic decisions and legacy platforms

28 August 2014

Some advisers’ clients may be held on a platform for historical reasons rather than being the adviser’s actual platform of choice. 


How to get more of the right clients – and more income

28 August 2014

Slowly the wheel has turned, and many IFAs now seem ready to build a bit more scale on top of the solid foundations they have carefully built

Juan Nevado

Bonds vs equities: A 30-year picture

28 August 2014

Asking simple questions often provides a useful means of highlighting how perceptions can differ from reality.

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Alan Lakey: Illogic is king in the mortgage market

27 August 2014

The old adage that “rules are for the guidance of wise men and the obedience of fools” has never been more appropriate.

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Five reasons why simplified advice could be set to fail

27 August 2014 | By Michael Glenister

Do those eyeing an online advice offering face a struggle?

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Robert Reid: Pension statements need a big shake-up

27 August 2014

We need to be radical on this, and it is not enough to tinker around the edges.

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The Very Reverend Revenue

26 August 2014

Booking Westminster Abbey for a morale boosting staff meeting seems fitting for an increasingly powerful taxman.

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Does Skandia's Woodford switch set a precedent?

26 August 2014

It is hard to envisage a scenario where a mandate is switched every time a good manager moves on.

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Neil Liversidge: Don't be afraid to sack mad and bad clients

26 August 2014

My golden rule is that I deal only with clients I like.  

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Pete Matthew: Gabriel - archangel of misery

26 August 2014

Three hours I have spent wrestling with Gabriel, bringer of despair, who demands pointless information just to keep someone in Canary Wharf in a job.

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FOS loophole exposes contradictions

22 August 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Why do different rules apply to adjudicator and ombudsman decisions?

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Nic Cicutti: L&G exit shows ABI cracks can't be papered over

21 August 2014

No wonder some members are asking what’s the point of staying in the trade body.

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MM leader: Who is meeting who in the corridors of power

21 August 2014

Recorded meetings are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of what actually goes on between the Government, the regulator, and firms.


Richard Verdin: How protection experts got it wrong

20 August 2014

Five years ago no one imagined the combination of events which have led to the protection market being in the state it is now.

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Mark Dampier: Fidelity can overcome its Chinese woes

18 August 2014

Anthony Bolton handing the reins to Dale Nicholls in April may signal a turn in fortune for Fidelity China Special Sits.


EU financial services regulation under the microscope

15 August 2014

What does the latest EU review tell us about retail financial services?


Nic Cicutti: Why Alan Lakey has got it wrong on PPI misselling

15 August 2014

Alan is well-known for his dislike of the FOS, which he repeats at regular intervals.

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Will-deed-IHT-estate planning-700x450

Standard Life: Govt tax avoidance clampdown will hit mainstream IHT trusts

14 August 2014

Proposed changes by HMRC to the tax disclosure regime are a cause for concern.

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Will insurance giants stick with the ABI?

14 August 2014 | By Tom Selby

L&G’s decision to quit the ABI immediately led to speculation that other major insurers could follow suit.

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Simon Collins: Risk profiling tools are not the be-all and end-all

13 August 2014

The FCA is again pushing the importance of adequate risk-profiling.

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John Ventre: My Three Big Calls

13 August 2014

The recovery in global markets continues to evolve, with ramifications for a number of areas, and therefore by implication for multi-asset funds.


David Thompson: How platforms can boost advice post-Budget

12 August 2014

Adviser disquiet about picking up a substantial part of the cost of the proposed guidance service is understandable.


Tony Wickenden: Applying IHT to relevant property trusts...the final instalment

12 August 2014

The final instalment in Tony Wickenden’s six-part series of how IHT rules may apply to relevant property trusts, depending on the individual circumstances of the trust and when it was established.  


David Shelton: Are you a specialist or generalist?

12 August 2014

Deciding whether to specialise or generalise requires analysis of your firm’s capabilities and the attractiveness of each market.


Carl Lamb: Advisers are in denial over trail switch-off

12 August 2014

Will your advice model become extinct or survive among the fittest?  

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Stephanie Flanders: Asset class that came in from the cold

11 August 2014

Commodities have not been a popular asset class among investors in recent years – for good reason.

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Malcolm McLean: Pensions under Scottish independence

11 August 2014

With the Scottish referendum looming, perhaps certain areas of the pension industry ought to be more advanced by now, in case of a yes vote.


Graham Bentley: Why you should challenge providers on investment due diligence

11 August 2014 | By Graham Bentley

Providers’ bleating that they do not give advice ignores a basic premise. Caveat emptor should not be a defence.

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Chris Hannant: Govt has shot itself in the foot on guidance

11 August 2014

I applaud the Government’s ultimate policy aim, but in terms of achieving their objective, the latest report looks like shooting themselves in the foot.

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Mikael Down

FCA explains Sipp cap ad rethink

8 August 2014

The 30-day transfer requirement for ‘standard’ Sipp commercial property is an important distinction.

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Ian McKenna: Let’s help consumers get real about savings

8 August 2014

We must be clear where the gaps are and ways in which they can be filled - one of the most crucial issues to address will be the interaction with suitability requirements.


Alan Lakey: FOS needs to stand behind its power

8 August 2014

Show me another industry where rip-offs and deceit have been eradicated – politicians, regulators?

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Robert Reid: Regulation has lost sight of its objectives

8 August 2014

In the early days of RDR-speak, advisers were promised a regulatory dividend. That has yet to materialise and yet advisers are hauled over the coals for overpromising and underdelivering.

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Nick Bamford MM 700

Nick Bamford: Why Osborne’s guidance is an expensive waste of space

7 August 2014

Most savers don’t need the complex and expensive guidance service being proposed by the Government.

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MM leader: Handle DB transfers advice with care

7 August 2014

Cynical journalists are often berated for focusing on the bad and not doing enough to highlight the good.

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Nic Cicutti: Why can't advice be charged on a case-by-case basis?

7 August 2014

One of the benefits of the new pensions revolution was supposed to be the freedom to access some or all of your retirement funds at 55.

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Alistair Cunningham: Why I'm coming round to new pension freedoms

5 August 2014

With sight of the new rules I can consider my clients with a feeling of positivity.

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Time to heed FCA warnings on ongoing service

4 August 2014

The FCA is threatening enforcement action if firms do not address concerns raised in recent RDR thematic reviews.

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